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Author Topic: Looking for a Busty Redhead  (Read 960 times)

Offline Merlin73

Morning Gents,

I know this might be a stretch but does any one know of any busty, redhead/ginger girls with pale skin and freckles.

The sort of girl would be similar to lisa de leeuw (classic porn star) or the old Club magazine girl Lucy halloran (Pics below)

I have an itch that needs scratching, as long as they are reasonably close to walsall that would be fine, but im ok to drive up to an hour away.

Needs to be about 120 an hour or less, and OWO and enthusistic kissing is a must, obviously no Barebackers.

I know its a specific ask but i guess its better than the usual "can anyone recommend a girl " with no specifics mentioned.

Heres hoping.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!!

Offline Merlin73

And before anyone mentions her Lil is not a redhead !!

Offline Roadster

Bit of a drive.  I haven't seen her but I've heard good things and she's on my HL.


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Offline Merlin73

Cheers Cooltiger, second link not working though.

Offline CoolTiger

Cheers Cooltiger, second link not working though.

OOPs. now sorted by Admin. Thanks.

Offline Merlin73

Like the look of kerryred but the fact she doesn't like oral on her is a negative. I do like to go down on a young lady :P

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