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Author Topic: Mandy in Bradford  (Read 1237 times)


Tried this girl today... https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1507578

Don't want to put a positive or negative review because I'm somewhere in the middle.
Not really attractive though her profile suggests she might be and there is no way she's a size 14, easy 16 to 18. Anyway not bad enough to make me leave and I'd only booked half an hour. Tits are big and real but if I'd known she had a big tattoo on the right one I wouldn't have booked... its the worst kind of tramp stamp and a pet hate of mine. She is a nice girl who tries to give a good service though, I just left thinking that I was hoping for something better just before Christmas. I tried other girls first but they were hard to get hold of today. Sod's law but the girl I wanted to book has just emailed to say she's available this evening.           :mad:

never mind pal at least youv treid her........... :rolleyes:

She looks like she has a good body, and what the hell, she is hardly overcharging. Thanks for bringing her to my attention. Bradford is a bit of a dead loss for independents as far as I can see.

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