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Author Topic: Daniela (Inverness - Tour)  (Read 475 times)

1 review(s) for Dani love. (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/3381858 or https://www.adultwork.com/Dani+love%2E

Location: Inverness, flat in Hilton area of city

Price: 140 for 1 hour

My summary:  Positive side of Positive-Neutral.  Hot bod but vanilla.

Comms: Ermmmm Ok! Called a couple of hours before, call was brief and to the point (see below).  Text on time directing me to location.
Call was brief, nearly put me off.  I wanted to ask a couple of questions prior to our meet but the response was “you want to book me, yes?”  At this point I thought what the hell, I’ll find out if this was a bad idea or not!
I asked her about this during the meet, she said it was due to her lack of confidence in English.  Possibly valid, I don’t know her, but a bit too business like for my taste!

Services: OW, reverse oral, 69, protected penetration (various positions)

Appearance Vs Profile photos: Photos probably recent, a good representation of her body.   Great tight figure.  Facially IMO average+.  Age accurate I would say.

The session
Greeted at the door.  Welcoming and hot body. After paperwork etc was offered shower. After I emerged she said she was going to have a shower.  At this point I became suspicious of time wasting but she wasn’t gone long.
After some light kissing and fondling out came the bag, to be fair it was a lengthy BJ but at the end of the day it was covered.  The meet so far was not cold, but cool.  She was fresh so was happy to return the favour.   By this point I wanted to shoot my load. After a good few minutes pounding doggy (& what an arse woohoo!) I was filling the bag.
By this point the session was 45 minutes in and the room was getting warm. She remarked on this and opened the door.  Nope wasn’t going anywhere!  She gave me an ok back massage, thinking at this point there was going to be hint to exit.
But no! My right hand man rose to the occasion, more OW followed.  At this point she took control and rode me.  Totally on character it seems (see Dickdiver's review) she was genuinely getting into it and started to melt, totally different girl!  She was happy on top for a while, and frankly I was loving the view.  We alternated between mish and cowgirl with me eventually filling my bag.
Over-ran well past the hour.  Shower taken with another fresh towel.

Hot figure.
Unhurried no clock watching. 
Decent, fairly discreet pad.

POTENTIAL to time waste.
Said she was Spanish which has been disputed – I don’t personally care - she had a hot bod, a fanny and a pulse.

All-in-all vanilla, didn’t want anything too dirty but it didn’t hit my GFE requirements either.
I think her English is a lot better than she let on and she was being selectively deaf.

Music: Radio 1 (low volume).  Frantically boffing away to “Will Grigg’s On Fire” was a highlight. :music:

Would I see again: Actually, yes.  My dick and ego were massaged rather well.  Curious to see what a second encounter (with her more familiar with me) would be like …. or was I left to want more?

Conclusion: Mixed feelings on this one.  Not much chat due to (apparent) language barrier so working out “her buttons” was difficult.  Basically, very decent looking girl, cracking bod but I received inhibited service.  The more the session went on, the more she seemed to relax and the more enjoyable it was for both of us. 
Let her go cowgirl and see what happens?   If you work out her buttons then you may get a belting punt, otherwise it will be too vanilla for a lot of guys tastes.

Other non-review info: On tour, says in Inverness for next couple of weeks or so, then down to Dunfermline. 

1 review(s) found for Dani love. linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline auldie63

She advertises OWO,CIM,FK etc. on AW, you go and pay £140/h to her and get none of them and yet you give her a Positive!
How bad would the cheating skank have to be to get a Neutral from you.
I assume you would never ever consider a Negative.

I contacted her on the basis of the vivstreet advert, I saw the adultwork advert after.

You make a fair point in that OWO was advertised on viva but not done. You are also correct that the adultwork advert is possibly misleading re: CIM.  This is not something I ask for so this may have been on offer - I can't say.

Yes I was swithering on neutral or positive. Went with positive as I had a good hour, the pics were accurate & I fancied the arse off her. Yes 140quid isn't cheap but that's Inverness really.

Would I give a negative review in the future? Yes I would.  I'm new to this game and have generally picked my few punts so far on advice from this forum which has kept me right.  As I punt more, I will be taking more chances which I suspect where the fun will begin   :)


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