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Author Topic: Katya Polish/Spanish Blonde. Cheap (and it shows)  (Read 1335 times)

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Offline drwho

Close to Negative for me, but have to take some of the blame myself (came early and booked at a busy time)


Answered phone and sounded great- friendly and intelligent (if it's possible to pick that up after speaking to a prossie on the phone for less than a minute)

Called her outside the postcode 2 minutes before the booking time.
Was told to give her a couple of minutes. There's a bus stop nearby (thanks however it was that gave me that tip to wait there)

Call returned 6 mins later.
Lead me to property set back from main road.

Very encouraged when the door was opened.
Very pretty (to me) facially, hair etc.
Sexy black stockings and generous cleavage on display and putting all sorts of naughty ideas into my head.

After a fair distance cycle ride to the address I requested use of the shower. Was warned about the low pressure already mentioned on reviews on here.
The bathroom was actually very presentable, and so was the rest of what I saw of the house (and the lady for that matter)

Managed to rinse myself sufficiently and got to the room by 15 mins after the original booking time. Katya was completely naked and was texting on the bed. She asked to be excused while she did this.
I like the initial kissing to be standing up so hovered at the side of the room.
Playtime... and got the standing snogging that I was looking forward to.
She was a bit reserved on the kissing though, and recoiled from some of my caressing saying she was ticklish (don't you just hate that)

Down on the bed. She was prompting oral giving the option of with or without.
I asked for without, but after a few seconds of oral from her I decided I'd prefer to give her oral right at that moment (hoping to come back to her oral giving later perhaps)

She was answering another sms at this stage  :( but gave the go ahead for me to go down on her if I wanted to

A bit of pussy licking. Enjoyable enough. Neutral tasting and smelling.

She didn't recoil from clit rubbing either.
I was too worked up by now and needed to fuck the hell out of her.
Got the condom on (funny technique you sometimes get of stretching the condom open with 2 hands)
Fucked in Missionary. Tried a bit more kissing which I enjoyed for as long as it lasted, but was warned my stubble (freshly trimmed with clippers) was irritating her face.

Switched to doggy. Had a good ride. Generally I prefer seeing a woman's face and tits (and hopefully kissing) so doggy isn't my no.1 but I could feel myself getting close to cumming. I consciously remember thinking: "Yes lets cum now, get it out the way and enjoy a kiss and cuddle and maybe a bit more oral later."

The phone was still going off with received texts, and she wasn't hesitating too much before replying.

As soon as I pulled out that was pretty much the end of any intimacy.

She covered her tits with a towel and walked around the room rearranging things and picking up her phone.
As I'd cum within the first 10 minutes I asked for her to rejoin me on the bed.
She said maybe for a second (I asked if she could do it for slightly longer than 1 second, to which she said "maybe 2 seconds")

I don't remember too much sexiness from this point onwards.
We chatted amicably enough, about Spain, while I showed off how much I could recall about her region (She's half Polish, Half Spanish apparently)

She was getting concerned about me being in the way when her next client arrived (though I clearly saw her tap out "WHERE ARE YOU BABY?" on her phone so it couldn't have been that urgent.

She commented that she was busy ("because I'm cheap") and she needed a secretary.

On reflection I should have:
1. Avoided rush hour (5pm booking)
2. Not let myself cum quite so early now I know there was very little on offer once past that point.

Possibly worth seeing again on a quiet day, but I don't think I'm going to bother, even at these prices

6 review(s) found for xxx Sweet Maya xxx linked to in above post (5 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

The phone was still going off with received texts, and she wasn't hesitating too much before replying.

As soon as I pulled out that was pretty much the end of any intimacy.

So let me get this straight, not only did she answer texts during the booking, she answered them while you were actually having sex?!

Offline momochan

which area is she is ? its says Willesden Juncion Wembley Harrow Heathrow which is a bit vague.

Wilsden junction served by bakerloo and overground if taking upublic transport. She is 5 minutes walk from the station

Offline Notpastit

Sounds more like a neg to me - all that pissing around with phone/texting isn't on in your punting time(you don't say how long/£ spent?), you've paid for her services, even if 1/2 hr, not to be pissed about!

Sort of had her on my to do a few wks ago as looked suitably slutty/busty blonde but won't bother now, seems she didn't deliver what you went for, plus location, out in "the sticks"/awkward to get to to be disappointed?

Do I get a pattern here - the further out you go from Central London, altho you pay less obviously, chances of a good punt diminish?

Discuss - I've punted since 2001 and restricted myself chiefly to activity in W or SW postcodes, on the odd occasion back in the day tried "locals" further out, whilst cheaper tended to be a let down!


Offline punk

Case of squeezing in more clients for more bucks.

Punting really is a lottery.One punters good punt is another's bad luck.Mileage varies.

On this occasion this has to be a negative.

Really unprofessional to answer texts during punt.

Offline Cunning Punt

yep :dash:

That's what I thought you said - just couldn't believe it at first! Are you sure she isn't Romanian?!

Texting or taking calls during the booking is bad enough, during sex is an appalling lack of respect and an instant negative in my book.  :mad:

"Only" charging £80 is no excuse. She's the same pricing as Xena and I've never seen her phone handset, even when she was £60ph.

Thanks for the detailed review and warning.  :hi:

She's gone from my hotlist to blacklist.
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Offline drwho

For £40/ 30 mins (as I paid) expectations were reasonably low, but the reviews looked good enough to take the risk.

She was friendly enough before during and after, but I could sense her getting a bit stressed dealing with the texts and missed calls.
(At one point near the very end I politely invited her to go ahead and answer the call, promising to be quiet, but she declined)

It wasn't as if she was on the phone for the entire punt, but she certainly wasn't inhibited towards answering texts while her pussy was occupied

I still sensed a potential VFM keeper, but I'm not going to take the risk

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