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Author Topic: East Staffs- Nth Warks - Beckyelizabeth69  (Read 712 times)

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This is my first review so here goes.

 https://www.adultwork.com/1265199 or https://www.adultwork.com/Beckyelizabeth69

I had planned to see Lushbutt in Leicester again but she had to cancel. Anyway, as I had to stop in a hotel for a couple of nights while the wife was away I thought I'd give an outcall a go. I'd seen Becky's profile on AW and liked the look of her. No reviews on here so decided to TOFTL.

Good coms throughout and though the time changed a couple of times (travelling time uncertainty) it wasn't a problem. The mobile reception at the hotel was non existant in my room so decided to wait outside where there was reception. She turned up on time and dressed casually as asked for.

We made our way to my room where she used the facilities and then we both got undressed on the bed. She doesn't do DFK  (not too bothered) or even normal French kissing so no snogging which was a downside for me. Her profile states she's a size 12 and 10 stone but I'd say she's a 14 going on 16 and maybe 1 stone plus. I should think a fair proportion of her weight is in her tits and she is tall. Breasts are big, firm with smallish nipples which do get hard on sucking. She is probably her stated age of 41 so no problems with that. When she opened her legs I could see quite a long slit and a finger confirmed a tight entrance. She gets turned on very easily and loves being sucked, both tits and clit.

I'd had a really bad night with very little sleep but decided to go ahead with the punt. However, tiredness took it's toll and I performed really badly. I asked her to bring some toys and she produced a pink vibrator with various addons. I used it on her inside and out and this resulted in her first orgasm. I was still soft at this stage so a bit of a hand job  did get me hard enough to get the cover on and get some oral. She doesn't do OWO and she wasn't the best at it but I think some of that was down to me. But, she did manage to get me hard enough to try doggy and she felt very tight. Even though I became soft again quite soon she still managed to have another orgasm by just penetration.

Back to sucking and fondling her. She remarked that she wouldn't come again but we decided to see if I could give her another orgasm by going down on her. Some feverish licking and sucking followed by yet another orgasm.

No clock watching and she had a shower before getting dressed. Good conversationalist and pleasant personality. I've given her a positive even though she doesn't kiss (which I must admit was negative for me) or OWO, mainly because of her enthusiasm. It is better when the WG enjoys it and I do like to give as much as receive. She was kind enough to text me afterwards with some kind remarks.

£130 for 1 hour          Hope this is ok as a review. Please let me know if I could have improved it or what you liked.

1 review(s) found for Beckyelizabeth69 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Andy61

Hey bungle - yes a very good and informative review.

I do have to comment though - and its why reviews are so good - for a £130 girl I really would be expecting DFK and OWO? It says OWO at discretion and we all know that usually means "no"! Looks like you had a great time and good for you but an hour without those would be very boring for me
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I know £130 seems a lot and I agree to some extent. Outcalls are normally more expensive but for me the personality means a lot. I don't want somebody who couldn't care less and can only say yes or no and go through a routine. I did genuinely enjoy her company and her body. Big girl but not fat or plump. I've paid more and less and a low price doesn't necessarily mean worse service. Lushbutt does do OWO and DFK and is good company. Her price has recently risen from £120 to £140.

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