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Author Topic: xxxkinkytazxxx Peterborough TOFTT  (Read 503 times)

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Offline cunnyhunt

https://www.adultwork.com/3543137 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxxkinkytazxxx

I had meetings scheduled in Peterborough and was set a challenge by a friend to pick a profile at random. This is the one picked.

30 minutes for £50, I asked for OWO and either CIM or sex, I note the price quoted was less than the profile, I think this is because she is disorganised. Comms were good and she was friendly on the phone. Location is off of a main road near a hospital (Thorpe rd?) untidy bedsit and a stranger to cleaning materials.

Early 20's, 1.5M, small frame and very small tits, unshaven, pleasant girl and was very friendly.

The punt was mechanical and I got the feeling she had done this for longer than the profile date on Adultwork, it is difficult for me to describe the punt, the owo was ok, not as good as I have had, but not bad either, she could be tactile and responsive but is very passive. It did not feel like she was going through the motions and genuinely wanted me to enjoy the time. Finished, cleaned up and left.

Some might put positive as she delivered what was expected so why Neutral?   I walked back to the station instead of a cab and thought about the punt, she is a young girl living in a shit flat with fuck all and this is probably not by choice, I punt to enjoy the experience but on this occasion I didn't want to remember it.
Fuck me I am getting a conscience. :(

1 review(s) found for xxxkinkytazxxx linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline eyeseebee

The asthma pump, ashtray and shadeless beside lamp has kind of put me off.

Offline cunnyhunt

The asthma pump, ashtray and shadeless beside lamp has kind of put me off.

I only had a phone and didn't see the pic in detail, that isn't the room she meets in as that is spotless when you compare them.

I said I had been challenged to it.

Offline Simplysimon

Thank you , saved me £100 (was £85 when I booked)

Offline cunnyhunt

Thank you , saved me £100 (was £85 when I booked)


I forgot that it was a smokers flat, I could smell it all the way returning to the station and sent my suit to a cleaners.

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