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Author Topic: Sexy_Louise1990 - Midlands based  (Read 3542 times)

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Offline potata72

I have already posted this review in The North section but have been kindly informed by CoolTiger that Louise mostly covers areas in the Midlands and recommended I post it here also.

Had the best sexual experience of my life (no exaggeration) with this lady this Tuesday evening just gone:


She tours various different locations across the country regularly and I unfortunately couldn't get the time to see her when she was last in Sheffield a month or so back.

Saw her at a decent Hotel in Sheffield which is easy and convenient to get to from the Train Station, ideal for me.  Saw her for one hour.

As the first sentence of this post suggests, this is easily the best punt I've ever had.  Apologies in advance if there's a lot of typically over the top positive comments in this review!

First of all, seeing Louise in the flesh, she is almost literally my vision of an ideal Woman!  Great body (physique of Charlotte Church I'd say), extremely pretty face, fantastic Boobs (with pierced nipples) and Arse, sexy long Blonde Hair.

Her enthusiasm (both personality-wise and sexually) is genuinely amazing and is infectious, despite me being shy and reserved by my nature, her personality made me feel so much more confident with her than I have with other WG's.  She also has an extremely sexy voice!

We did Kissing, Hand Relief, OWO, Tit-Wanking, Penetration (Protected, Doggy), Facial/CIM, COT.  Her touch is the most amazing I've ever felt and her Kissing is heavenly!  In fact heavenly describes just about everything I did with her, in particular doing her Doggy style was amazing and had me having to stop myself from cumming more than once!

At the beginning when we moved on from touching and kissing onto OWO etc, Louise asked me what I enjoyed and through this dialogue Louise helped tailor the experience to suit what I enjoyed most.  As someone who tends to "go with the flow" and only occasionally makes a specific request if I'm very keen to move onto a particular activity, this worked perfectly for me.

Soon after Doggy she wanked me off until I came on her face and mouth.  She's the first WG I've been with who actually takes a proper Facial, not a hand relief with their face at the side so some of it might catch the lips and chin deal that I've always had with previous WG's when I've expressed the desire to give them a Facial.

After a chat in between (turns out we have a fair amount of common interests which made conversation easy and fun with her) we played again, pretty much the same as before minus Penetration but after so long Louise suggested I sit on the end of the Bed while she pleased my cock, this was a major turn on and then she suggested I stand up and cum on her tits.  That's exactly what I did, it would be rude to refuse such a request!

I cannot wait until she is next in Sheffield (she assured me I won't have to wait too long!) she is worth every penny and the level of enjoyment I got from this experience seriously makes me think that I wouldn't enjoy any future experiences with even the better WG's I've seen previously (and in some cases, regularly) even half as much now that I've seen Louise.

Can't recommend seeing Louise highly enough!  I'm considering going for one and a half or two hours next time.

17 review(s) found for Sexy_Louise1990 linked to in above post (16 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline lovingfacials

Thanks for the tip she is on my to do list, I have emailed her and am awaiting her return to my neck of woods - cant wait

Met up with Louise somewhere near Coventry tail-end of last year - can't quite remember the date, but not about to forget Louise!

She is a very attactive and sexy blonde with a great body.  She was very friendly and enthusiastic and definately didn't seem to be just 'going though the motions'  She was happy to sit and chat for a while with touching and kissing before we headed for the bed.  Once there she was more than happy to provide all of the (few) services that I asked for which included OWO.

Have moved recently and Louise doesn't seem to travel to this far-flung part of the country, but I would definately meet up with her again if she does start to travel here.

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