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Author Topic: Fergie (Diva Escorts)  (Read 1453 times)

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Offline Dreyfus


Well known location: Chelsea Cloisters

Pictures are 90% accurate.  Slight photoshopping to make her look even thinner (but she's no more than a size 8) and, when you see her in the flesh, her face bears a striking similarity to Elisabetta Canalis.  She looks almost precisely like her. 

Romanian, not Russian as I had expected.

Demeanour, appearance and manners are extremely delicate and elegant.  Impeccable manicure; delicate features; very polite yet confident.

We had discussed and agreed A + CIF in advance.  No objections.

After the usual procedures, I got her naked and in high heels and embarked on some oral on her.  She eventually came and seemed quite satisfied. Then it was my turn for oral and it was great.  You can tell she has done this before....  Deep and sustained, her marvellous fingers wrapped around it; no problem with some gentle facefucking.  But after some 5 minute of this, she says "lets' do something else".  And I although I love OWO and was eager for her to continue, I found her candour endearing, and so agreed.

On with the condom then and on top of her mish.  Very nice.  Deep and sensual, while we were kissing or she was kissing my neck.  Then her legs up in the air as I took her deep.  But after a while she goes: "don't you want to do anal?"  I said yes of course and she suggested we do it then and in that position (me on top) since she was ready and relaxed.  This is when it got really interesting.  I am reasonably large (so I am told) so she asked me to be very gentle and slow in penetrating her, which I was. But when I got all in, lying on top of her while kissing her, I started pounding increasingly hard and fast.  She just took it and moaned.  Never once she asked me to stop or slow down.  I kept on going for it, eventually really pounding deep and hard, while she kissing my neck or let me hold her head tight below me, and after maybe 10 minutes of this, she screamed and came.  Rarely have I had a girl coming with anal sex (not the first time, but rare - and thrilling).

After some cuddles, I was not yet done, so asked her whether we could do it doggy (pussy, not anal).  She was ok with it, and again after a slow entry I started taking her hard and she just took it.  Held her arm behind her, held her shoulders, even pulled her hair gently.  No complaints and just moans.  She may have come a third time.

Then had her drop to her knees and exploded a huge facial on her elegant made up face. Can't say she loved it (she warned me to avoid the hair and I did), but she took it all until the end like a very good girl.  And I tend to cum quite a bit.  Stayed there until I was done (quite thrilling) and then rushed to shower.

No grudge whatsoever after the shower (and I was concerned she was pissed off about the size of the facial.. / but I kind of gather it is not the first time for her... :) ) and she was again wonderful and adorable when we said goodbye.

Expensive but I may repeat. I may spare her the facial next time, but anal is a must.

How much did you pay in total?

Offline Dreyfus

230 (180 + 50 anal).  But worthy it in my book.  She is classy and beautiful, and anal was not the usual 5 min of awkward penetration, but full on and I dare say welcome.  And CIF magnificent (if you're into that). 

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