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Author Topic: Deluxe Anna - An adequate plan B  (Read 1150 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2213765 or https://www.adultwork.com/deluxeanna

So this was my plan B after that fucker managing porn justinne's profile baited and switched me. Anna receives in a small one-bedroom in a road in Marylebone, 10 minutes walk from Oxford Circus. Booked for 1pm 15 minutes before, she left me to wait for 5-6 minutes before giving me the flat number, but that luckily didn't prelude to some clock watching or pressuring me later. She told me I was the first customer of the day and she indeed looked well rested.

Anna is a pretty hot girl, with a perfect round ass and slim body throughout (8), only ruined by the worst boob job I've ever seen, done probably by one of those nurses that in morgues are in charge of summarily stitching up bodies after post-mortem examinations: both tits have massive, horrific scars under the cup and running mid-way through the breast. Really impressively bad, let alone too big to feel even remotely "natural". Face-wise, she looks very slutty, particularly due to the plump, probably re-done, lips and the heavy make up. Still, she is not unattractive (7), and I was sorry she wouldn't do FK (she is either lying on her profile, or she didn't like me, but others on UKP have said she doesn't do that). She opened the door with a black bustiere pulled down to reveal her massive breasts. Classic "whore" high heels, highlighting very well her lithe body. Her pictures are a pretty good representation of how she looks like physically, although she looks somewhat classier than she is.

Her attitude was a tad friendlier than the average Romanian, she offered me a shower with a clean towel, and we were ready to go. She started moaning a bit artificially from the second I put my hands on her, but when I moved down on her and started eating her pussy she seemed a bit more natural. BJ-wise (OWO was £20 extra, for a total of £80 for half an hour) she was pretty much perfect, sucking it voraciously, sloppily, with a lot of tongue movement and saliva. 69 was also very enjoyable. She didn't seem too concerned about small amounts of pre-cum, and she felt clean and fresh (but then again I was the first of the day).

Sex-wise, I tried a few canonical positions, where she coped very well: no concerns with hard-ish doggy, lying down or riding me. I pumped her for a few minutes while she seemed to have reasonable fun (minus a moment where she got a message and started looking at the phone while I was drilling her: not too classy), then moved her to missionary and came, in a pretty pleasant way. No rush from her in pulling me out or getting me out of the flat, she probably doesn't have too many customers at that time, or in any case didn't have one back to back when I saw her.

Overall, not a bad experience, giving that it was a plan B and I wasn't expecting anything. She was hot enough, into it enough, friendly enough, and the price was acceptable for me. Some aspects will clearly sound as neutrals or negatives to seasoned punters, but I rate based on how smiley I am when I leave the premises, and I was definitely smiling today.

8 review(s) found for deluxeanna linked to in above post (2 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative)

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