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Author Topic: Nina Thai - Bournemouth  (Read 1071 times)

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Offline fairfield

My first Thai, and very impressed by almost their 'germanic' efficiency.

Super fast arrangements. My usual vanilla exp - £100 for 1 hour - all arranged after 1 brief voice call and 1 text combining confirmation of services and address.

Busy satellite town of Bournemouth. Plenty of free parking but plenty competition for the parking spaces as well. Reached flat above shop via dingy alleyway.  Venue was clean but décor and maintenance poor - eg wallpaper was only badly fitting lining paper, double bed could only be accessed from one side (other side jammed up hard against the wall.) Bed covered with large bath sheet, towel wrapped round pillow too - gotta admit they smelt freshly laundered.

But sight of WG drove away all doubts. Slight, petite, good quality basque and stockings, suede high heels, pretty face, make-up and medium length hair all well presented. Felt she was dressed to impress - IMHO unusual for £100 punt. She greeted with a cheek kiss and could smell expensive perfume and freshly cleaned hair. Clear smooth olive skin. Later in punt tried to pull down stocking to look at tattoo covering whole side of one thigh. But she seemed uncomfortable and quickly yanked the stocking back up. Would say she is more late than early 20's, but her body was firm and lithe.

So taken with her appearance - made punting schoolboy error - forgot to confirm each agreed service prior to parting with cash. Bcs FK turned out to be only lip kissing. Tho WG did allow fairly heavy boob play (prolly b cup).

So smitten, even agreed to a massage - which normally i hate and always refuse. She alternated between a "sensual" and "strong" massage. Was surprised at power in such small hands and slight frame and at how hot her hands got. Are very warm hands normal once a masseuse has got into her swing? Anyway didn't fancy the heat treatment on John Thomas. She claimed many men find her massaging of their privates is an extra stimulant. Is this true? In any case, wasn't gonna take the risk, so guided her up to do some exploring of my own.

10 mins later she asked if i wanted to rubber up. CG, reverse mish and CG position where you could see youself pumping - then followed. This last one was new for me and too stimulating. I came when she resumed normal CG. Just 40 mins in, it was all over. After clean up. 5 mins or so of groping seemed pretty tame, so left with at least 10 mins to go. Small talk not my forte.

In summary, wd say this a very attractive, professional WG focused on a punters pleasure. But as FK is important to me, wd only return if this is provided.   

Offline fairfield

Might be passing Winton soon :)
Did complain about the room on the way out, and WG admitted there was a better, larger room for regulars.
Guess i didn't rate it, but maybe worth asking for, when making a booking?

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