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Author Topic: Well Health - Denman St West End  (Read 1593 times)

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First review so be easy on me  people.

On the back of Massage Mikes positive  review,  https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=78774.0 , I decided to pay them a visit today.

Easy to find just off Piccadilly Circus, Massage Mikes link to google earth was a help.

So found it ok but there was a bloke standing by the open door smoking, so I decided to do a lap round the block and come back. Turns out the bloke by the door was the receptionist.  Walked in and the price list is on the counter, opted for the half hour for £25, asked if I could shower first and was told that would be fine.

Told to go down stairs where I was met by "Julia" (doubt its her name but thats what I heard), wearing a tight fitting top and jeans hot pants, slim, busty, about 5'5", aged about 30 i guess, didnt pay much attention to her face it was her fit body that interested me !!. She showed me into the room which was dimly lit and told me to get ready and have a shower for 5 mins. I was hoping it would be her delivering the massage.  Happy Days - It was   :yahoo:

Onto the table and asked what type of massage I wanted, Thai, lingham, etc. TBH I havent a clue so just said I had a knotty back so not too hard.  Great oily back massage, moving to buttocks, then a little bit of light touching on my legs at which point she asks me to roll over and continues the light touching.  After about a minute she asks if I want something special.  Thanks to the other reviews on here I knew a B2B and HE was on the cards so opted for that. She asked how much I pay, I said £40 and she agreed.  As I havent been there before (or look dodgy as fuck :crazy:) she asked for the money up front, which surprised me from reading other reviews, but makes sense from a business point of view.

Well, off with her kit, great body as expected,great firm boobs, firm little arse, light boob job all over, odd fiddle with the old fella in between, then she climbs on board, rubbing her tits pussy all over and giving me the raging horn, I thought she was gonna slip it in a couple of time (which worried me) but she just lay flat on my front, slid down my body and had my flag pole pointing skywards and moved her pussy up and down it, Boy was I horny.

Anyway, after a bit more cannodling, she dismounts, oils up the fella and give a slow sensual hand job, balls, shaft, bell end, teasing me to the edge of completion, then stopping, then more expert hand job.

Shot my bolt, got clean had a chat whilst dressing and left very happy with my first "parlour" experience.

Think I'd rather fuck someone for £65/half hour in future, but it was an experience.

Cheers for  the review! I have never been for a massage as I don't see the point in paying £60+ if you could shag a wg for the same money...but I think for the "EXPERIENCE" I should try one of these special massages ...Will have a look for the place when I am in the West End ... :hi:

Offline dembo200

went here today was a bit of a comedy of errors.was as stated,paid went downstairs too wait.then oh dear this fat little munchkin appears,had to think on my feet,so said i was waiting for another girl,to which she replied ok.so she takes me in the room to wait.about 5 mins later a slimmer slightly prettier lady appears,early 40s id say.so i say ill just have a quick shower.was so eager to get undressed and quickly showered,that in my hast,i bend over to get my shoes off.and then fuck knows what happened,get some sudden pain at back of my thigh,and think ive torn my hammy :cry:

   so crawl over to shower,and lady returns.service is pretty good as more or less as described.however all i could think was,will i even be able to walk out of here haha.fortunately just about made it home.dropping iphone on way and cracking screen ,not the best of days all round. :dash:

  would be good if we could suss out names of the hot girls.

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