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Author Topic: Elsa - Edgware Road  (Read 1226 times)

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Offline aprower994

Venue: Edgware Road
Time: 2 hours
Time actually spent: 1 hour 47 minutes
Price: £280
Link: http://www.asianoptions.co.uk/profile/elsa/277
Can book through 007, as well as other oriental escort agencies

This was a borderline positive / neutral for me, but went with neutral for the reasons mentioned below.

Booked Elsa for 3pm. Around 2:15pm got a text from the agency saying Elsa was running late, so could we push back to 3:30pm. This in itself wasn't a problem for me as I was flexible with timings.

Arrived at her flat, looks like an ex-council estate flat, with two other oriental girls also working there. All three live in the flat as well. Room itself was small and the bed was only a 1.5 size bed rather than a proper double bed. Elsa looked like her photos, and her English was decent enough for communication. She had a nice body, and a nice rack proportionate to her frame (natural I think). The bathroom wasn't particularly well kept - another punter had been in there  moments before me and there was water all over the place - a perfect place to pick up a verruca!

Back in the room, and some light FK (there was barely any DFK). OWO followed, followed by me going down on her (she had a bit of a landing strip but I didn't mind this) for around 15 minutes which resulted in her cumming, hugging, and then cowgirl for my first pop. Elsa then gave me a wonderful massage - one of the best I've had, which really relaxed me. After around 30 minutes of massage she revived me back to full mast - spoons, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and mish where I popped for a second time. More massage and a head massage followed. At this point I still had 25 minutes of my booking left when she asked if I'd like another shower. She also mentioned that her next client was at 5:30pm, i.e. bang on my time of leaving, so she was trying to get me out so she could have a bit of prep time before the next punter.


Cracking body
Lovely girl
Services delivered with enthusiasm
Outstanding massage


Lack of DFK
Price for two hours is steep, especially when you don't even get the full two hours
Bathroom condition
Room/bed small

Offline Ozy84

Sorry to hear it wasnt as positive experience as it was for me. I know what you mean about the bed, she has taken the smaller of the 3 rooms.

Tend not to shower at any location myself but take the time out to shower just before i leave for a punt purely for the same reasons. 90% of all showers i have seen at wg locations have been shit  holes.

Well you did know what you were paying before you walked in, always best to go for a shorter time first if it is your first experience of the girl.

Lastly i will say the goal posts are slightly different for thai whores. They come here usually for a huge fee paid for by the "agent" who then puts them under huge pressure to pay back asap. Elsa told me that between all the agents on saturday and sunday she saw between 20-25 clients (I saw her on monday by the way). She mentioned that her agent said she was the best new girl and had to keep up with demand as demand wont be like that forever. Sad really.

It use to be standard for 30 mins between punts for thai agencies but i know now that even the likes of 007 are going for 10-15 mins. Dont get me wrong in any way, the fact that she pushed you out the door and you didnt get your time would have been a negative for me staright up, however there are mitigating circumstances which Can be overlooked. Overall a very kind neutral...better luck on the next one.

Not sure whether to try this one, am due an Asian

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