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Author Topic: English Busty Rachel - Maidenhead  (Read 1745 times)

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Offline TallnHung

https://www.adultwork.com/2216331 or https://www.adultwork.com/english+busty+rachel

1 Hour at £160.
MILF, Tall, great body, really big tits.
DFK, RO, OWO, Mish

I was free for the afternoon and passing through so called Rachel.  been on my HL a long time and thought it was about time.
Times lined up so planned an hour.

Time came to meet, parked local and called, she missed the call but called me straight back and directed me to her flat.  Nice, safe area and not overlooked.

Was met at the door by Rachel in bra, panties and stocking and must say her body is very impressive.  maybe the pics on AW are a couple years old but she is a very tall, fit, sexy, long blonde hair and absolutely huge tits.  They seemed bigger out of the bra than in and didn't sag.  Straight into DFK and me copping a feel before we sorted the cash and she popped out, came back straight to deep DFK and undressing me.  This continued for a good 10 minutes.
Soon I had her tits out and my god they are good.  Big, juicy nipples and they react to a good suck which I gave them.  Then her turn, sat down stroked licked and sucked my cock all the while squeezing her tits together.  I could have quite easily leaned back and splattered her face and tits right there but know my manners ;)
Onto the bed, panties off and fingers and tongue continued on my cock whilst my hands explored her body.  Soon she was on her back, legs in the air and I was munching away at her clit.  She either came or acted well whilst I ate away squeezing her tits together and cheekily checking them out.  They are real boys and huge.

Some more cock sucking deeper this time, lots of tongue with her tits wrapped around it and she asked if I'd like to fuck her?  Well who is to say no to that.
Bag on with mouth, legs up high and framing those tits and I fucker her slowly then faster and harder, her making all the right noises, deep stick until the inevitable.  Off with the bag and was almost time up so I sat there and admired those tits wishing I had the control mechanism to have pulled out and splashed all over them.  maybe next time.

As a side note all the way through her girlfriend/flatmate was obviously being fucked in another room and some fella was doing a great job ;)

Would I return?  Well Rachel is what I go for in real life, a bit of a blonde bunny  whose now a MILF, but £160 for an hour at any frequency will be hard on my punt bank so maybe keep her for special treats and maybe splatter those tits next time.

Recommended for Tit, MILF and older barbie fucker I would say ;)

2 review(s) found for english busty rachel linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline contentguy

She was on my HL but messed me about something rotten, I'll not be bothering.

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Offline WhattheFlip

I think for £160 an hour with no Anal, I'd definitely make sure atleast some of my spunk touched her! Ideally twice. CIM and Facial/Tits after shagging her. I'm a gentlemen like that! :thumbsup:
Did it seem like CIM/Facial could've been on the cards OP? And is she genuinely 42? Or look it atleast? Your review does make her sound pretty hot. Thanks.

Offline TallnHung

Age I'd say is about right maybe 45 tops.
I reckon she would be up for a facial if Id been able to.  I guess you just have to ask.
Personally I'd rather cum on her massive tits next time :)

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