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Author Topic: Looking forward to an independent encounter in Malaysia  (Read 1061 times)

My history is that of a very inactive punter. I have had 6 encounters with escorts all my life.
In all cases I saved up a little money researched their background very well and opted for reputable agencies (2x) or - I am the submissive type - for Mistresses that work independently with their own premises and a reputation to go with it (4x).

I am due to travel to Malaysia this weekend and have been researching the local scene there.
While technically illegal, prostitution seems to be tolerated and is budding.
There is no Mistress there though that I can either afford (there's one from Singapore who seems to charge fees that dwarf the London Mistress fees) or take serious 'Me want to beat you up till you bleed and scat but can start easy with beginner'.

I also did not want to look for an agency escort as had a feeling some of the girls are forced into work.
So I went on the search for free lance escorts to find one that I thought seemed to fit.

It was a surprisingly difficult search, hardly anyone responded to my messages and many of the 'independent' ad's were clearly agencies.

Eventually I got in touch with a Vietnamese girl - I'll call her Anna.
She really impressed me. Her photo was not the typical 'look cute' type, no face, no legs just a firm stomach image and no second image to figure out it was the same girl.
I was hesitant at first.

When I asked for her price I was rather surprised to hear something very similar to UK prices for less than an hour. Anna promptly followed up saying 'no need to book if too much'.
I almost stopped the exchange at that point, but when I asked her about her rate for 6 hours she gave me a price that was very competitive and not even the same as two times her one hour rate.

What was a very short and dry chat suddenly turned into a warm and active exchange.
She sent images of the clothing she could wear, shoes, her makeup.
I have at least 15  photos that clearly show the same - and very stunning - lady.

She openly admitted that she rarely sees clients and never wants a session of less than two hours.
She also works as a dancer in the evenings and a yoga instructor during the day.
Her incredibly firm body, videos of the place where she is dancing as well as a place for the yoga studio all seem to check out and show the same person.

I was open about my submissive desired and she immediately suggested some things she could do, hat I loathe to say had never come to my mind before.
In all fairness I probably look forward to this session more than to any other session so far - and I have had sessions booked 3+ months in advance.

So pretty much everything about Anna seems to check out.
But there are a few things I am concerned about.

* She kept asking me if I was local or foreigner
* When I asked what sort of drink she would like me to get - she asked for red wine
* Her English is very poor and she seemed to translate everything with google.

None of these completely scare me on their own but I am a little concerned that as a foreigner I'd be a little bit more at risk of being attacked. Red wine I believe is a common way you can conceal certain date rape drugs and the fact that she really had to translate very basic phrases I wrote makes me wonder how she can survive in Malaysia on her own. She also asked if I can have some dragon fruit - specifically he red meat colour one and I wonder if that has a similar effect.

So I am planning to be cautious:

* I won't drink any alcohol myself, but just water straight from the bottle - one with a typical sports nozzle.
* My cash, keys and cards will all be stored in the hotel room safe with only by 2 year old beaten laptop being a piece of some disputable value.
* We will meet in a place just outside of the hotel and I will introduce her as my personal trainer to the hotel staff who will then need to take her id to allow her to enter.
* We are planning to start our session with a workout at the gym where she will push me to the limit with certain types of painful excercises.
* Once in my suite I have asked her that I want her to shower and then only wear the bathrobe, which should make concealing any drugs much harder.

In any case I was wondering if I should take further precautions or I need to check anything else.

Offline Ben4454

The pictures she has been sending you I would run through TinEye and Google Image search. Do not forget to 'mirror flip' the image and do a re-search. One of the ways people get around being found on TinEye and Google image search is reverse mirror flipping the image. It will show results as 0.

Regarding asking if you're a local or foreigner - It is always best to say you're a local. It implies you know the area, the customs and the local going rates for some girls. In Asia I will always say I live there. If girls find out you're a tourist and especially if this is your first time it opens you up to all sorts of scams.

Understand your bottle of water is also open to be spiked. Keep a close eye on it. Some hookers can be really sneaky about this. Like the glass chink drop. A girl will toast with you with a pill under her finger and drop it in. You won't suspect anything.

When it is time to shower get her to go into the shower with you. This is something I always do when a girl suggests this. You do not know what they're doing in the room when you are not in there.

Double and triple check that you have your valuables locked up.

I do not know the customs of Malaysia but if you have to pay upfront make sure you only pay when the girl is in the room with you. No giving money to third parties. If she wants to go and come back you firstly need to get the money back first. 

That is off the top of my head - you seem like you have it under control. I would say to be scammed is unlikely (although never read up on the scene in this country) best thing is to have a great time!

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Thanks for the reply.

So I ran the images and all the images she has sent were fine ... BUT the image in the actual ad ... was this one .... https://www.tineye.com/search/ff15ffc0f9a96e0930b847e484e4421a0c8dbe66/

So as my warning flags start to go up I went back through the chat history and found another warning sign ...

I agreed the rate in the initial chat within about 5 minutes of contacting her. Then the chat went quiet (from my side as much as from hers).

About half an hour later I had a message from her - which - now that I looked over it again came from a different number. This is where the very active chatting started.
Also I opened the exchange on my laptop and looked at the images on full resolution.
One of them seemed to show a few signs of bruises under her eyes and another one covered the same area up with huge dark glasses.

The signs are quite subtle though and there is another image that seems to have been taken at the same place and time as the one with the bruises which has better lighting and shows no signs of said bruising.

I'm cautious now, may do a little more reading up on safety and try to find out more about her specifically.
You assessment, should I be worried?

Offline Ben4454

It's hard to tell as we don't have too much information. It could be that the agency are using dodgy pictures and she has given you real ones or she/he has stolen them.

If you do meet her you could meet her away from your hotel in some kind of short time room if they do those over there or simply meet her a short distance from your hotel to see if she checks out..

Maybe the new phone number is her pimp? You really have no idea..

If something seems dodgy to you that feeling exists for a reason. Although as long as the precautions are taken and it turns out to be dodgy you can leave knowing she doesn't know where your bat cave is. Meet in a public area.

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Hi there,

 I am from Malaysia. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, the places to look for sex are in Brickfields, Petaling Street and Bukit Bintang.
Brickfields and Petaling Street are quite cheap. It's a brothel basically. Typically you can find Indonesian, PRC, and Thai girls there. Sometimes, if you lucky, maybe you can find local Malays and Chinese there.

However in Bukit Bintang, the price is quite high because most of the expats goes there and they are escorts rather than prostitutes.

So with regards to this specific girl I think I can solve the mystery. A 'friend' had clearly set her up on a website that was for escorts, but actually she wanted to find a husband.
Hence she gets a lot more requests than she wants and gives the second phone only out to those she actually wants to see.
She showed me photes from each of the phones - The background makes me believe her that she was not in the presence of a pimp at the time.

The photo that I deemed dodgy (as it matched another website) very likely is her. She has a serious model figure and could send me other photos from the same shoot that were not published on the site where i found the picture. On these photos the face was much more visible and I do believe it was her.

Obviously that's not the no strings attached that I was after, so we have decided not to go ahead.

So I'm back to square one. I'll have a look at the common escort sites. I'm assuming by paying a fair price I buy a better level of security in Bukit Bintang.

Offline Gspotter

The squeaky clean Singaporeans have their equivalent of ukp, set up long before this one:

Many of them like to play across the border in Malaysia as everything is half the price or less. The website has an extensive section on Malaysia and you can also post there and make friends with experienced punters for advice.
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It's funny about places like Singapore, Shanghai and HK having clean, modern reputations.

Historically, they've been the whoring cesspits of the world.
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However in Bukit Bintang, the price is quite high because most of the expats goes there and they are escorts rather than prostitutes.

Escorts ARE prostitutes.     :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:

Plenty of choice in the Beach Club ----------- all nationalities.     :hi:

Beach Club's great.
<<<<<<<<<<<< BC Viet on top :)
Would say that Vietnamese girls sem to have their own agenda from which they wount easily be deflected as to whether they want ST or LT. In the the club they say anything to close the deal then all eventually becomes clear back at the hotel. Have had it both ways - ST agreed but stays LT  and LT truncated into ST after round one after referring to the WG big book of excuses. Also take your own condoms. The shark taxi drivers will try to sell you overpriced crap so BYO

Offline Ben4454

I think OP was just a fantasist. Either that or he came here for help then when he got it he fucked off.
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