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Author Topic: Looking for Sub to follow orders.  (Read 403 times)

Hi all, I'm looking for something quite specific and was hoping your collective brains could help.
I'm looking for a girl who likes/tolerates being told what to do without question within reason (i.e. finger yourself while I watch) and has no problem with quite dominant positions (i.e. facefucking with her lying back and me on top.)
OWO and deep throat are a must, CIM is really wanted but can go if needed.
The real kicker is a budget of £80 p/h (could stretch for guaranteed great service)

Offline dembo200


bit more pricey,but i find her very sub,especially face fucking wise.but have seen some mixed reviews,so may just be with people she likes or knows well.and add about 5-10 years on her face on those pics.but if i fancy some rough face fucking shes always my go to girl,still has a great little bod.

Good luck to you at that price. If she existed and was any good she would be super busy!

There are girls who do all of that but you are at the £200+ price.

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