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Author Topic: alicia_masseuse - Wimbledon  (Read 1505 times)

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As a frequent exerciser i'm constantly sore all over, therefore qualified masseuse Alicia was someone i was definitely going to try. 

Comms: Excellent. I informed her i was running a little late and was told it was no problem at all. Was initially given an address nearby to the venue then told directions for the rest of the way. I got lost and she was very patient with me, clear at this point she has excellent people skills.

Girl: Alicia is pretty, petite and curvy with an enhanced rack. Very Spanish. She greeted me with a huge smile and kiss with an aura of warmth in her personality. You'll feel very comfortable in her presence. House is massive and plush presumably shared with other successful WG's. 

Price: £120 for an hour (£20 extra for OWO).

Punt: I wanted to split my time fairly equally between a massage and a punt. Alicia was happy to accommodate and no joke, her skills are INCREDIBLE. She ironed out all the kinks in my back and managed to do so while placing my hands where it would touch some of her naughty places. She's very receptive and keen to please you. Conversation during the massage was decent too, she came across like a nice girl.

Moving onto the sex her OWO was delivered enthusiastically and she routinely came in for DFK of her own accord. Very enthusiastic and energetic throughout. After a good while rolling around, swapping positions i shot into the bag and we hopped into a joint shower to soap each other down.   

Once my time was up I was walked and talked out of her apartment at an extremely gentle pace, like my presence wasn't a burden on her at all. Surprisingly there was perhaps 5 solid minutes of DFK at the door before leaving as well and she let me grope her all over like a horny teenager during it. Alicia is very good at doing things she doesn't really have to do which make you feel that bit more valued.

Overall a great punt and worth the money for anyone but if you're specifically after an excellent GFE or massage - then Alicia is someone you simply have to visit. Well done Alicia.

15 review(s) found for alicia_masseuse linked to in above post (15 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

15 review(s) found for alicia_masseuse linked to in above post (15 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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Yes i'm sorry i totally forgot to put a link in   :dash:

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Alicia is great - I was one of the first to see her when she surfaced. 

She is virtually unrecognisable from the girl I initially met - much much prettier now and I was quite blown away on the return visit(s).  The most energetic girl I've encountered during sex, she can go longer, harder and faster than anyone i've punted with before and I managed to negotiate OWO for free as part of my deal. 

A little too far out of the way for me to visit often and I don't really do 'regulars' but if I did - she would be one of them!
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thanks for the info... where would you say she sits on this scale? http://i.imgur.com/7RASdAJ.jpg

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ditto as float with owo being free. Her new appartment is great, perfectly located.

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