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Author Topic: Have your standards increased?  (Read 1618 times)

Offline johnm

Before I started punting I would be happy to shag anyone (proper munters included) but since punting my standards have increased a lot and I find myself not wanting to settle for mingers :vomit:. I am single and I know I won't be able to get the prettiest of women since I'm not particularly rich or handsome but I still want to settle down one day (I'm 28) with a decent looking bird have I messed up my psyche by shagging too many prossies :(? Have any of you had this problem?

Offline Manc Man

My standards have certainly raised since I was a teenager/early 20's (I'm also 28) when I'd have shagged anything that moved, but I think that's just normal for everyone. Can't say my standards have been affected in any way as a result of punting.

Offline mh

I think as I get older I am (in my mind) getting less fussy. That's not to say that when punting I'll take anything, because I'm fairly picky with what I spend my money on. But in terms of lusting after women with whom I come into contact, whether through work, social events, out shopping, a woman only has to be "passable" in looks and figure to be considered as a potential shagging partner (in my mind, because I know it's never going to happen, but is a nice diversion from life's drudgery).

Offline yumyum3

Yes, I remember 28, chaps  :hi: I loved fucking with any woman I could - I also remember at that age being really excited when I pulled a mature woman. I got more and more discerning and now in my fifties would rather wank than be with someone for the sake of it. If you want to settle down that is different with a different set of priorities. I find that having had lots of good sex experiences means I'm more fussy but wouldn't have it any other way. I wouldn't want to be my age thinking about what I could or should have done.
Fill yer boots lads  :thumbsup: :D

Offline smiths

Yes my standards have vastly increased as i have got older. In my younger punting days i would punt with virtually anyone as long as clean as fancying a WG wasnt essential, it is now though or my cock wont play ball. In those days my cock ruled my brain.

It helps that there are far more attractive WGs offering services like kissing which wasnt on the menu often in the 80s into the 90s nowadays.

Offline Joe Blob

I used to shag anything that moves, now I have to settle for anything that can't move fast enough to escape  :rolleyes:

As you get older you just fancy more people,,,,,you know shes only sixty etc,,

Offline dave123

I always have high standards and therefore I'm always disappointed.

Offline josh989

I think I'm the same. When I was in my early twenties/late teens I used to fall for anyone who looked remotely not ugly. It used to be a real problem as I could not have any female friends as soon as I saw their cleavage and 'cuteness' I used to fall for them.

Getting older (28 now) and punting has changed this. I've become much more shallow with women and far more demanding. I'm really 'shallow' about boobs especially, in my eye most women look so much better in clothes than naked as when the scaffolding ain't on everything looks so much worse. Rare you see a woman who has nicely shaped boobs, no excess fat, nice skin etc.

I'm no looker myself but I keep in good shape so expect women to.

Now I think this will mess up my long term chances with setting down. But on the positive side it has meant I've stopped getting heart broken by falling for friends who I'll never be anything more with. So it's swings and round abouts!

Incidentally I think a lot of Viagra use is due to this creeping standards as one gets older (or lower test levels past 25). I've noticed in myself that if I see a woman who looks amazing I get hard instantly. Average/below average it happens but takes a while longer than prior to 25. I can't imagine how it'd be if you have to shag some fatter, unattractive woman. I'd rather just cuddle and get some sleep. Wanking is better than banging some fat bird. I said this to a fat girl at work, she wasn't happy.
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Offline Marmalade

Yes, at a young age, a shag is a shag. Then one progresses to, "I'd maybe let an ugly bird give me a blow job," and eventually it's, "I'll consult UKP, spend an hour doing research on AW, then notice it's raining."

Offline Marmalade

Another reality is that if one is shagging in Chinese backstreets or some other place with cheap Monopoly money, it's worth taking a chance, and if it doesn't work you've only lost a tenner. At British rates, I'm fussy!


My standards have both increased and decreased. I have punted with girls I wouldn't even consider normally but there has been something sexually attractive about them even if they weren't the best looker. I've also gone through with punts when the girl was not what I was expecting and there was no attraction whatsoever on my part. I didn't start punting until in my mid thirties probably because up until this point I had enough choice in my normal life. It's fair to say I had a lot of short term relationships. However as you get older opportunities decrease and punting does allow me to shag attractive younger woman who might have been interested in me 15 or 20 years ago but not now. I did try the younger girlfriend thing and dated someone 15 years younger a few years back but I felt like a twat and a bit of a cliche. I punted with  an absolute stunner a few back who was about 22 and there is no way she'd have been interested in me even 20 years ago. In the main I try to punt with WG's on a similar level of attraction and a similar age because I firmly believe that punting pretty much follows real life... If there's some mutual attraction there then you've a far greater chance of having great sex.

Offline mutualrespect

Actually, my standards have always been pretty high and if anything I've become less fussy.

I dunno how I've managed it but I've always had girlfriend waaay outta my league. :)

When it's come to wgs though my standards have improved. I actually have a bit of an addictive streak with sex and often if I was going to see a wg I wasn't as fussy. That's changed in the last wee while though. These days I've spoilt myself just like with gigs really.

Offline thickerdicker

 :D I have always looked for something special! :dancegirl:   I don't just stick my Thick Bugger into any old thing......though i do like seeing these odd quickies 15 min cheap jobs for a quick BJ or something...shame not many offer this that are high class...its always the street hooker lookers who seem to off er this service! :thumbsdown:

I used to shag anything that moves, now I have to settle for anything that can't move fast enough to escape  :rolleyes:

Hillarious Joe :lol:

Offline badsin

My first post on this forum so be gentle with me!!

I have always had high standards, and have noticeably punched well above my weight in the past :D

I know I'm shallow, but I have to have the physical attraction thing....... great looks and body - all the bells and whistles (wg and civilians alike), just seen Farrah from Sandys earlier today by way of an example!

In civilian life this is becoming increasingly challenging.......  :crazy: :crazy:

Offline Lurtz

In my teens I had exceptionally high standards. In my twenties I dropped my standards. In my thirties I gave up on civvies and started punting so my standards went back up.

Offline willbred

My standards have increased. I would like to think I have more taste now than i did when I was younger, but it may be that I have a punting budget and I want VFM.
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My first couple of punts were with quite average lookers, and a bit older, because I didn't have the confidence to book a stunner. Then I realised that gorgeous girls in their 20's WOULD shag me, and now I am only prepared to give my £££s to girls who (in MY opinion) are lovely looking and have bodies to match.

As money and time has got tighter my punting has reduced and i do a lot of research before spending the dosh ,couple this with the amount of canceled punts and optimistic descriptions i tend to watch a lot more porn ...

Offline Edamn

opposite for me. when younger i used to be very fussy, had to have a pretty face.
now i could not care less about their face as long as they are in good shape.
never really been into BBW prefer skinny

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