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Author Topic: Valentina Italiana - Relaxed and Gentle GFE in Notting Hill  (Read 1867 times)

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By way of introduction: I am a long-time lurker here and very occasional punter well into middle age - UK Punting has been incredibly useful as a way of getting to grips with general do's and don'ts as well as insights on particular providers.  Sorry for not signing up sooner, but I hope now I can from time to time repay some of the great info sharing I see here. So to start with ...




Valentina put in a rather late bid (same day) on a RB I posted on AW last week.  Too late to make that arrangement but as none of the other bids were appealing I contacted her anyway and suggested a meeting the following day.  In the meantime I checked out the comments on UKP, which were a mixed bag - but based on the pictures and her quick, responsive and friendly comms by AW email and text I went with my gut feeling and made the booking.

Arrived a few minutes early at her place in Notting Hill, very close to the station and an affluent, cosmopolitan area.  Straightforward buzzer entrance to a typical residential block and her place was on the ground floor at the rear.

I would say she is cute - petite, very slim, I'd guess under 30, and clearly the same as her pics on AW and elsewhere.  No piercings and I think I saw just one discreet tattoo on her ankle.  She was affectionate and friendly right from the start and happy to let me set the pace and tone.  Her place can best be described as a student bedsit - both in terms of the 'compact' size and layout (the front door, kitchenette, shower and bed are all within arms length) and the low-key decor.  She was in a black dress and stockings with not much make-up, but as the pictures suggest she has pretty good features.  Very full lips.

One quick note - remembering a comment on UKP, I was more or less convinced that she is actually Italian.  Her style of writing and speaking English was very typical of the Italians I know, and her intonations very similar (I worked in Italy for a while), and she seemed to have the geography in place when talking about her life.   

So the arrangement was some POV filming (with her in a mask), shared shower and vanilla GFE.  After introductions and business we got started and she was quiet and attentive, followed my direction and was responsive in a languid, sensual way - no over-acting, but not jaded or cold either.  Looking back at the films I'd say she ticked all the boxes.  She let me lead, didn't interrupt or break the mood, she was patient and quite natural.  Gave pretty exquisite OWO (on camera) with those full lips, delicate hands and fingers.  No spitting and jerking, a mixture of gentle sucking and licking all parts from all angles.  I really enjoyed it, and we went on like this for about 45-50m, with filming POV standing up, then on my back as she worked away.  I was also touching her and she was very lightly responsive without going crazy.  She wasn't 'oiled up' at all but did get wet after a while, which was somehow quite rewarding, and she felt very tight (in a good way).

So we took a break to use her tiny, remarkably hot shower, which definitely reminded me of my student days.  It was a bit too cramped for us to spend a long time in there so we got out and moved on to GFE without mask.  There was one other slight issue for me - I think she is a smoker, although clearly not a heavy one and there was no evidence in the flat.  Just that slight metallic aftertaste when deep kissing ... it did make it a bit more difficult for me to go for as much DFK as she was offering, which is a shame as she is a good kisser and has those lips. 

The GFE part was also nice - basically a mix of mutual, affectionate caressing and then a really long extended OWO culminating in CIM and swallow.  It seemed realy unhurried and she was totally happy to lavish all her attention on me down there and let me guide her in terms of speed and location.  Afterwards she was very friendly and then extremely chatty about her interests, in fact I noticed that our time was already up but she was more than happy to go on talking.  I remembered another punter saying she had talked him to death but this was the first time she was really speaking for any extended period, so no complaints from me.  In fact, her conversation seemed quite genuine and almost innocently enthusiastic about many things, her hobbies and plans, and I thought she was quite sweet. 

All in all I would say one of the best experiences I've had - but since I do this so rarely, that doesn't have any statistical significance ... but she really is perfect GFE material: good skin, nice communications and gentle, affectionate lovemaking technique.   If she was a non-smoker I would go back without hesitation.  As it is I would still consider going back to do more filming as she is came across very well on camera and we could probably be more creative next time.  So highly recommended from me.

In terms of fees and a bit of context: I do this about once or twice a year so I'm sure I don't have a real concept of either value for money or market rates compared to more savvy and experienced punters.  If I can match what I want with what I can afford I'm happy.  So this was a 2 hour session at £300 and my only special request was filming, which was not charged as an 'extra'.  From my perspective I got everything I wanted and probably more - so all good.


5 review(s) found for Valentina Italiana linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

When I met her she came across as neither sexy nor Italian (see my review)

Glad that you enjoyed it anyway.

Her previous profile was www.adultwork.com/2930398

2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Hey, thanks for reading.  I can probably see that she's 'not for everyone', and maybe all the stars just happened to be aligned on my visit. 
I haven't hit the jackpot every time myself! Most notably with Sofia of Bayswater about 2 years ago where after about 15 minutes and all going reasonably well I came down with a sudden crazy fever, shivering and headache out of nowhere :cry: ... never happened to me before (or since, thankfully).   

Hey, thanks for reading.  I can probably see that she's 'not for everyone', and maybe all the stars just happened to be aligned on my visit. 

No problem.  Glad that you had such a marvelous time - you're obviously well matched.  That's what it's all about.

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