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Author Topic: Vogue_delights of Leeds  (Read 1636 times)

Offline mrfishyfoo

Hi Guys

Anyone got any info on this lady ??


She's been on my HL for a while but at £150ph I don't fancy TOFFT without a bit more info.

Cheers in advance.


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Offline stevedave

I've spotted her a few times, but my sixth sense tells me not to bother. She's seen punters who've seen other lasses I've seen, so I imagine the feedback is as genuine as you can get on AW. But - she's pals with those two horrendous arseholes from the AW documentary that was on last year (I think), and they struck me as horrific.

So for that reason, I'm out.

Offline mad4it

I had her on my hotlist when I first saw her profile and after further investigation I thought she probably was Zara of Playmates - and based on that, removed her from my hotlist straight away.

Saw her a few years back when she used to be on the books of Bunnies (her name there escapes me now) - she was also Paris at Escort Centre after that - really fit to look at but very poor in terms of service I'm afraid :thumbsdown:

Offline Babu

is this not



Assuming it is the same Zara from Playmates I wouldn't go near her.

I walked out of a punt when I saw her in the flesh, looks nothing like the glamour puss you see in those touched up pictures.

Offline p3ngu1n

Agree with you both mad4it and Babu. Think I saw her over 3yrs ago. She was no spring chicken then (31yrs old? She's having a fuckin' laugh, or is she counting in dog years!). Service was so perfunctory it made the missus look like Lisa Ann.

Her and that Abbie-leigh have misleading profiles - usual Playmates tricks of photoshopping to the point of CGI

Offline mrfishyfoo

Hmm, could be? Not sure - Mr fishy foo, what say you?

Umm I say still not sure which is why I asked the question of everyone on here to see what feedback I got..

Suppose its the old saying "If in doubt get the feck out". So I have PMd her and asked her direct if she is Zara. Lets see what she comes back with.

Offline mrfishyfoo

Assuming it is the same Zara from Playmates I wouldn't go near her.

I asked her outright if this is true. Got a very fast reply confirming she is Zara.

FFS she's just come off my todo list.  :dash: :dash:

Cheers fellas UKP does it again. :drinks:

I have been punting for years. I have a good reputation on aw. I have met "vougue_delights" before when she worked for escort centre. She just arrive at my house with false photos from aw so I didn't recognise her. She took my my money, said I was drunk (which I pre-warned her about) and ran off with all my cash. £150. Probably the most immoral person I have ever met in my entire life.

Offline mediumjoe

   Hi and welcome Jamieluvs , I imagine this is what happened, you've been looking at UKP for awhile saw this about that cheating skank  and you are still so bloody angry at being ripped off that you  joined and posted within 10 minutes,  good on you and all you have to do now is review some of your more recent punts. Cheers Joe

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