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Author Topic: Babe from Heaven - cheap Indian  (Read 1682 times)

Offline drwho


Looks to good to be true (so it probably is)

Profile popped up on my "Indian" Hotlist, though I can't work out which old profile it has replaced.

Profile refers to Ebony rather than Indian and likes have ticked every box including Pregnant and Bareback.

If she looks like the pictures and isn't workshy (doubtful) I'd possibly investigate.
Would prefer not to chuck £50 away though

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Offline blue

Hidden FB and looks like every possible 'Enjoy' is ticked, I wouldn't entertain chancing it...


Most certainly Romanian and not Indian.
Banning reason: Previously banned troll (pawghunter2015, heythered1xyz, whothehellrunsthisforum)

I'm 99.99% sure that's a Romanian gypsy in the pics

I'm 99.99% sure that's a Romanian gypsy in the pics

Only a Romany pimp would use the term ebony for an Indian prossie.

So many other signs to

The Romany descend from India maybe her ancestors were Indian.

Would be remotely believable but Indian prossies are usually deluded with their pricing.

Offline Speedy12

Prices are too cheap for a real Indian, also real Indian "princesses" usually have a list of rules and regulations in their profile! Send her a message and ask if she speaks Hindi or Urdu. Tell her you want her to speak to you in one of those languages and you understand it. That will filter out the fakes!

Oh, I saw she does Bareback. That completely rules her out as an Indian!

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