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Author Topic: Sweet Cath  (Read 506 times)



Bloody hell, if this girl is as good as her profile we are talking Angelina material here only at a cheaper price. (£120PH). She's Polish with good English according to one of her FBs.

I maybe talking a trip across the bridge this week.  :thumbsup:

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Offline Roth

Tasty right enough.   :rose: :rose: Anal is another£40 extra on top of the £120ph :(

She needs to cut out some of the shit on her profile though.  Too much to read IMHO.  :wackogirl:

Offline Hartman

Texted her earlier to ask about availability. Working out of a well-known Harbourside hotel which is a favourite for the Romanians, so I didn't take it any further. Means she wont be around for long either.

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