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Author Topic: Does anyone local provide a cuckold experience/service?  (Read 2726 times)

Offline Rod trotter

So let's see if I've understood  this.....I book them as a couple.
He gets to fuck her and laugh at the size of my cock while I sit in the corner. ..and I pay them...what the fuck is that all about?

Its acting out role play by the sounds of it.
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Offline coolguy1990

With regards to this set-up not actually working unless it's with your girlfriend, I suppose someone could make a similar argument about GFE services.

You are in both cases merely going for an imitation of the actual experience.

The most interesting thing here, is that there appears to be many men who would like their partner to cheat on them, but they won't.

Such a man would be perfect dating material for a wg, would he not?
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Its acting out role play by the sounds of it.

Yes it sounds like role play plus voyeurism thrown into the mix  :crazy:   It would be cheaper to watch some porn & have a wank.

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