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Author Topic: Pompeya Diva Escorts  (Read 761 times)

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https://www.divaescort.com/girls/blonde-bayswater-pompeya/ Ended an 11 week break as really felt a need to have a punt. Good reviews across various agency sites so went for it. £150 for an hour. Small tidy flat not far from Paddington station and all agreed via Diva. Photos accurate but much smaller breasts than agency gallery. Dressed as requested, looked and smelled very clean and fresh. Excellent owo session including ball sucking and good variation in technique and speed. Definitely knew what she was doing and only hinted at time up when the last 5 mins of booking due so no problem there. Very enjoyable booking, now on another 6 week minium break.  Recommended.

Offline dembo200

"Photos accurate" really thought she looked alot older late 30s,and body had seen better days.was a good service though.

Offline tazz

Their prices now seem odd £130 for 30 minutes or £150 for an hour. Was she Russian? Kept having negative experiences with these types of agencies.

Offline dembo200

IMO theres alot better out there for £150.but each to thier own.i find diva generally very good as an agency.

Face is as photos but her breasts definitely not same as photos.  She said she is Ukrainian. Hope that clarify. Positive IMO I've had a lot worse punts.

IMO theres alot better out there for £150.but each to thier own.i find diva generally very good as an agency.
I didn't see a lot wrong  with her body tbh and like you say each to their own. After 27 years punting I'm fairly capable of deciding if a provider suits my needs but thanks for your input.

Thanks for the review s&l
She looks good.
I did find the last photo on her pages amusing though. On my phone it looks like the photoshopper has badly posted her head on another girls  body ! ;)

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