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Author Topic: Skali Hot Collection  (Read 1317 times)

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Saw Skali yesterday afternoon and overall had a fun time. A few weeks ago I had seen Julia from the same agency(great gfe) and Skali works from the same flat in Paddington. I take it as a given that the photos from the site are heavily photoshopped but Skali is  sexy with large fake boobs, great body and very kissable plumped up lips. There was a bit of a mix up at the start of the session as the agency had double booked, which delayed proceedings by a good ten minutes and the punter who had missed out I think stayed and saw one of the other two girls working at the flat. I found Skali to be friendly, fun and enthusiastic - we started with a mutual massage(by my choice) which was great, lots of oral both ways, owo, before cowgirl and missionary. I like to kiss and Skali is a wonderful kisser, very soft and intimate, real standout for me and all in all a good GFE. The time I lost at the beginning was made up and was money well spent.
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She is a good girl with a great attitude, I saw her with the legendary Lucia in duo, was fully drained. Interesting point on her name - Skali should actually have been Scully after Mulder & Scully - turned into Skali through mis-hearing/translation.

Cheers for the review. I've seen Lucia and Julia multiple times so if Skali is anything like them service wise I need to pay a visit soon.

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Thanks Inbetweener - of the two i reviewed(Julia and Skali/scully) i marginally preferred my time with Julia - no lying when i say it was one of the best gfe i have had in a nearly a decade of punting. I posted a review a few weeks ago and one guy knocked her a little - I thought she was an amazing kisser, near perfect owo and a really sensual shag.
Banning reason: White-knight slagging of membership

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