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Author Topic: Jessi.hot/Jannine_Hottest-Babe in Walthamstow  (Read 433 times)

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Offline TheMaster

After the disaster that was Tyn@ (check previous review) I was on the look out for someone else close by so gave Jessi a call.

Now this whore has two profiles, one is called Jessi.hot (https://www.adultwork.com/2543596 or https://www.adultwork.com/jessi%2Ehot)
and the other is called Jannine_hottest-babe (https://www.adultwork.com/2466196 or https://www.adultwork.com/jannine%5Fhottest%2Dbabe)

Also she has two different prices, on her Jessi profile its £80 an hour and on her Jannine profile its £100 per hour. I didn't realise this at the time, so called Jessi and asked to stay an hour. When I got there I handed over £80 because I liked what I saw, and she told me it was £100. I thought to myself, not again!...So I told her that her profile states £80 and she said some bullshit about it not being updated. Anyways we compromised on £80 for 40 minutes with me finishing twice, she only did OW though but she assured me it was excellent, it wasn't too bad to be fair.

She was wearing a short yellow dress and high heels and really looked the part so I agreed on the price and we started straight away and after 15 minutes (great cowgirl, doggy and mish) I had cum. This girl was determined I come twice so barely a minute after taking off and disposing of my condom, she asks if I'm ready for round two and I thought, why the hell not and we were at it again. This WG is very pretty with a firm body, she told me she was 31, which sounds believable.

After I finished I noticed she didn't wrap a towel around herself to go into the shower but instead put her dress back on, which I thought was a bit gross considering we'd just fucked twice, anyways as peachy as this whore's ass is, and as cute and petite as she is, I wont be going back, this whole two profile thing and the lack of shower after fucking makes me think she isn't very hygienic.

Great body
Nice face
Peachy ass
Dressed to impress

Two profiles with different prices smacks or getting the punters in before trying to extract more money from them.
Didnt wash after I'd fucked her twice
Answered phone during session asking 'John' to come at 2am!
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4 review(s) found for jessi.hot linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)
7 review(s) found for jannine_hottest-babe linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

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