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Author Topic: Redhead kylie - vivastreet - Leicester  (Read 738 times)

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After seeing another thread talking about her amazing tits next day I went along to see as I love great tits.


Comms : Good , simply quick text messaging
Location : Just off Narborough road, clean house, 1hr parking outside.
Girl : Yep she is the girl in the photos and does have great tits !

The service : Terrible, well I guess at £30 for 15 mins I should have expected Soho walkup experience, but to be fair most of them are better as I have done a few ... dozen of them.

Paid, got undressed and lay on the the bed waiting for those boobs. She comes over and proceeds to try and force a condom on a totally non-erect cock. Somehow shoe horns in on, despite me saying maybe we should play a little to get it up she says no, I will get it up. Then proceeds to what is actually half decent OW, but it still OW and not amazing. Boobs come out - awesome, play with them and it helps get me from 0 to about a 7 on the cock front. Go to reach between her legs get a "NO!" - "NO touching there, you do not touch me there" , down to a 5. She then stops sucking, applies an industrial amount of lube and lays on the bed, guides me in the sloppiests no sensation pussy for a long time. I get going whilst playing with her boobs but I can't feel shit. I say can I just pull out and wank over you - "NO!!!" , but this is working , "NOT MY PROBLEM, FUCK ME IF YOU CAN". I get off , pull the condom off and lay next to her and tell her I will finish myself off with one hand whilst touching her tits with the other. Eventually cum, but all my balls and crouch is so swimming in lube it is unreal from the minor fuck - takes a billion tissues to clean up.

Would not go back, was shite despite the awesome boobs.  Frankly I would pay £50 just for a tit wank from her, but she don't offer that.

Online Knny

Anal herpes.
Anyone else please verify. 

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