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Author Topic: The Private Club 29th May gangster girl special event  (Read 1459 times)

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Offline bunny84

Rolled up about 10.30pm.  Paid £90

Party was in full swing . I was pretty shocked how hot a couple of the women were .
I shagged on called   shernina  or something like that . Could not cum . I went over to bree branning.  After a short blow job she shouted spunk  all over me so I wacked  one off over her face .

Then onto a right little hottie  called pixie  little who was the star of the show . I shagged  her for a while ,took the condom  off and spunked  on her face . She was getting wanked  and spunked  on by every body . She kept saying she loved being spunked on. She was over in the stuff .
It was worth the £90 just to spunk  on her twice . I wanted to do it a few more times and I tried but she's was always sourounded by men which put me off cumming  a bit and I had had viagra.  I even caught some poor guy in friendly fire  . I justed  pretended it never happened . He really never seemed to care  he had my spunk down his leg haha
I fucked  a couple of the other girls .
I had a great time but I do prefer it a bit quieter so you can get the girls more to yourself . I've been before on a Friday night and had loads of one on one's  with girls .it was hard to see pixie half the night she had that many guys around her . It's fair to say I got my monies worth out the £90 . I the amount of times I'm going to wack  one off over this it was probably end up costing 5p per load lol

I can't wait to try to get pixies  little on a quieter night . She a nice petite girl and you would never believe she is such a dirty bitch . The party could have done with a few more couples . When I got there there was 2 women who had come together . I asked them if they wanted to play but they said no

I can't wait to get back to have another go on pixie

Offline bunny84

A couple of guys were getting off with her while she had a face cover in spunk  with I found a bit odd but everybody to there own thing . If you Google pixie  you can find her porn online . She's done fake taxi . She looks better in the fresh . I don't know her aged but she seemed to be about 19 years old .her tits  and pussy  is fresh fresh fresh . She was really tight as well

It's was a great night. I was there and shagged all the 6 girls. The curry with rice was nice too but the showers were completely fucked up. Was hard to take one. Hope they fix it soon. Fantastic value for money

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