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Author Topic: Colombian Kiara : Camberwell / Denmark Hill  (Read 519 times)

7 review(s) for YOUNG_BLAST (2 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/3257895 or https://www.adultwork.com/YOUNG%5FBLAST

First review, first punt hope I haven't missed anything below.

Location: Camberwell / Denmark Hill

Girl: Colombian Kiara

Service: OW , Reverse Oral, Doggy, Different Missionary, Massage

£100 1 hr

So I decided to take a chance on this one since it was local. Based on hardcorebanger's review I thought I'd take a gamble.

The flat which she works from is on a main road; fairly discreet front, next door to a couple of shops. Really easy to get to, really well connected and there seems to be parking spots available for those that drive. We'd arranged by phone to meet late in the evening.

When I got there, I pressed the buzzer and was let in. Walked up a set of stairs to the apartment of first floor. Looks wise she's fucking amazing, great tits; beautiful ass - but that's about where the goodness stops.

We sorted paperwork, and then I attempted to go in for kiss - which she rejected and told me she doesn't do kissing. Instead, I asked her if we could start with reverse oral, after getting stuck in for a few minutes. I then attempted to bring some fingers into the action; she then started complain that my nails were too long, and it hurt - I always trim my nails. Playing ball, and I decided to instead soldier on eating her pussy for a little while longer.

I ask her then to switch round and give me oral. Before she's even started she's rubbered me up - I'd had shower before I came over - and she's going at me with no enthusiasm at all. I tried to overlook this; so after so rubbing of her tits whilst she's sucking me off. We then go at it in various positions: doggy, missionary (various)

Again with her finding this a bit of chore, and making me do most of the leg work. I decided to call it quits and ask her for a massage where she finished me off.

I had a shower, and then was escorted out by some bald guy with tats - which I didn't find too pleasing.

In fairness, I probably should've left far earlier. I honestly wish I could've given her a better a review: physically she's perfect, great tits, fantastic ass - but for the lack of enthusiasm and english; it just puts me off from going back altogether. More than anything, I feel disappointed at myself for staying and trying to get my money's worth.

7 review(s) found for YOUNG_BLAST linked to in above post (2 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative)

Good honest review reading this makes me realise I made the correct choice in choosing another girl in the warm up.

Offline pumps

Bet you'll never look at a review by HB in the same way again.

I had a decent time with her twice but i didn't leave a review because I didn't get the feeling from reading other reviews and experiencing her attitude to believe she was a solid provider.

Offline punther

1hr at a latina parlour isnt really a good decision. Those parlour latinas are 15-30 min punts

Based on her reviews this girl is only good for 15mins pump and dump and thqts by cirtue of her being physically attractive otherwise she wouldnt be worth a punt based on the reviews

I guess you live and learn chaps. I won't be making that mistake twice lol

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