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Author Topic: Alicia with love - Raynes Park  (Read 1095 times)

1 review(s) for Alicia With Love (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/3420847 or https://www.adultwork.com/Alicia+With+Love


Fee was £100 for one hour. Note that this is a special offer for new clients making an off-peak booking. Her AW profile does not make it clear that this rate is only for new clients. Thereafter the hourly rate is £150.


Alicia was very friendly and engaging on the phone. Chatty and very well-spoken, probably more so than any other escort I have spoken to. She is 100% English so clearly comms were not an issue. I did not hesitate to go ahead with the booking. Prompt response to text messages. I went in with a very positive feeling thinking this could well be a lady I would wish to see again and again.


Alicia has a lovely ground floor flat with separate lounge and bedroom. All kitted out very nicely with a homely feel to it. One of the best in call locations I have been to although did not try the shower facilities.
The flat is located a short walk from Raynes Park station.


Alicia is a friendly ‘classy’ lady. She is very chatty and a good conversationalist, although with the benefit of hind sight that was probably just a time wasting tactic on her part. She does, however, like to be in control and has a slight air of superiority. A couple of times came across as a bit condescending when we chatted.

Body /Looks

Alicia is an attractive mature lady with long brown hair and a good looking figure with her clothes on. Stated AW age is 39 and she said that was her real age which it could have been but she definitely did not look younger. In fact when she opened the door my first thought was, I wonder how many years she has knocked off!

However, her body shape was disappointing when she stripped off even making some allowance for her age. She is not what I would describe as fat but unfortunately it was a case of droopy boobs, flabby tummy and love handles. Plenty of loose skin all round! She did say she didn’t do any exercise and that showed!

The Punt

I got a warm welcome on arrival with a peck on the cheek. Shame that was all it was but I think Alicia likes to take things slowly or get away with as little as possible. Shown in to her lounge which was very comfortable and homely. A drink was offered. We sat on the sofa and had a get to know you chat. Alicia was a good conversationalist and interesting to talk to but this did go on for too long, probably 25 minutes but I was for some reason trying to be on my best behaviour and was hoping this was not part of our one hour booking. Eventually she suggested that we move into her bedroom.

We started with a bit of kissing and undressed each other which was a good start although as I said the body was somewhat disappointing when that was unveiled. No big issue for me provided there was a positive attitude.

We moved on to the bed and I kissed her. The kissing was not great as she did not have a good technique, light FK with a bit of flicking of her tongue. She is not the sort of person who is going to snog your face off!

I moved south and kissed her neck, breasts before moving down to her pussy. She enjoyed that and gave a running commentary on how good it was. That got somewhat irritating. She was happy being fingered as well. She reached a shuddering climax so she was well satisfied. Great acting skills if it was not genuine.

On with the cover and then we has sex in mish which was fine. She held her legs apart up in the air which I found a bit weird. I sort of only realised at the end but she did not want to have to touch my body so kept her hands well away. I didn’t last that long with her incessant chat about how good it was. She handed me the wet wipes for me to tidy myself up.

She checked the time and said I only had 5 mins left. Certainly no time left to think about round 2. Mentally she was done anyway. I tried to kiss her but she was practically crawling away trying to avoid my attentions.

I’d had enough so got up and got dressed. Finished bang on the hour but in reality this was more like a 30 min punt.

What I don’t know is whether I got such limited services because I had only paid £100. Would there be a different level of service at £150 / hr? If so that seems short-sighted on her part. She provides a one hour booking for new clients for £100 but that is presumably to get repeat business. With the level of service provided I doubt she will get much repeat business. Perhaps she likes to play it slowly and repeat clients get a better level of service. Wonder whether anyone else has experienced a different side to her.

On the surface the likes she lists on her profile look very extensive but I think the reality of what she really likes is very different.
I left disappointed but it was only £100 so not too big a deal but still £100 that I could have done something else with. If I had paid £150 I would have been well pissed off.


In summary if you are looking for a bit of posh totty then Alicia might suit if you are an assertive punter and cut down on the chatting time. I still struggle with that at times. Her discounted rate of £100 is not bad but certainly not worth paying £150. You would prob feel robbed.
The downsides of the punt are that:

•   She is a poor kisser and looked to avoid FK as far as possible;
•   No oral provided on me;
•   No caressing or cuddles that would give you the illusion of a gfe;
•   More interested in me pleasing her than giving me a good time;
•   Incessant commentary;
•   Body shape not great;
•   Strict clock watcher.

Whilst I am glad I met Alicia as she is quite an interesting character all in all this was quite a depressing punt. That was probably because I had built up high expectations in advance and these were not met. Seems like she is another one of these English escorts that does not really deliver in the bedroom and probably thinks she is a bit too good to be a WG. Rated as a neutral as there were some OK parts to the punt and she is a nice lady out of the bedroom but it was border-line negative.

1 review(s) found for Alicia With Love linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the detailed review.

Reluctant kisser and oral-giver, crap body on older woman - sounds negative to me, as £100ph still isn't cheap.
Think you summed it perfectly:
all in all this was quite a depressing punt

Don't think I'd bother - and not many punters will at £150ph if she really goes ahead with putting it up to that.
« Last Edit: May 28, 2016, 09:41:17 PM by Cunning Punt »

Just to be clear her standard rate is £150 per hour, two hours is a mouth watering £300. What she advertises is a £100 for one hour trial offer for new clients between 7 am and 7 pm. In the evening when presumably there is more demand it's £150. What I don't know is whether in her mind it is a case of discounted price = more limited service.

It could have been so much better if she had thrown herself into the punt but it was quite clear she was holding back and in that sense it was a rather depressing experience overall. I only realised at the end of the punt but she had managed to avoid all contact with my cock in that she never touched it or got it in her mouth and this is a lady that advertises CIM and I think swallow. However, if you enjoy giving a lady RO then she should be a grateful recipient and give you lots of encouragement. It's an oscar winning performance when she climaxes! She probably does find it difficult to talk and suck a cock at the same time which is why that is not one of her favourite bedroom activities.

Offline Cunning Punt

Don't worry, you were clear enough the first time.

The point is £100ph is still a lot of money for many of us and that is no excuse for a shit service.

Furthermore, very few punters are going to take a gamble at £150ph that she may just raise her game at the higher fee.

If she can't be arsed at £100ph, my guess is she won't be that much more interested at £150.

Online drwho

I can't stand ex public school girls at the best of times
but I think I'd take particular exception to this timewasting, saggy titted, condescending, workshy and overpriced ex public school working girl

Offline endomorph

When I spoke to her on the 'phone she certainly did not sound very posh. She is not easy to contact and does not seem to know when she may be available.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (endomorph, esperantock)

When I spoke to her on the 'phone she certainly did not sound very posh. She is not easy to contact and does not seem to know when she may be available.

She does not speak with a plum in her mouth but is undoubtedly well spoken and educated. I have little doubt that she is, as she states, privately educated. I recall that she did actually cancel an earlier booking a couple of days in advance but there were no issues with the rearranged booking. That said I am in no way recommending. There are better ways to spend £100 imo!!

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