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Author Topic: Hot Box Party, Northampton  (Read 3313 times)

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Offline Drood1

Hi guys. First post so bear with me. I thought I missed the boat with the last Friday of the month Hot Box party (yesterday). I usually go to Milton Keynes escorts and they are now moved to Betchley, their accommodation taken over by Annabellas. A little fed up trying to ring early, told to wait then losing the connection plus the girl I wanted is now booked till late or has not turned up. Also can hardly find a parking place in the weekday, not a good location for all that travel.
Can I come to Hot Box, I know it starts in 1 hour's time. 5 girls and 10 guys and the lovely lady though ring 10 minutes before and see if guys not turn up. Decide to drive as feeling lucky. Yes you can come (later found 4 guys not turned up or apologied about it). I thought I would be intimidated by 6 other guys there, not so. all in same boat. This was a wonderful party 2 hour party. Worked out, if you hang around with a gal, your turn will come. Usually a blow job to harden up and then you in (literally). The gals:
Karen,    EE, maybe Italian, lovely figure 8-10, 40 ish, deep throat and deep kisses. I went twice with her.
Angie,     English, 45ish, lovely English gal, great kisses blow job and rock and roll fucking.
Morgan,  25 year old, very naughty English gal, lots of kisses, she sat on me, the spooning to finish, lovely.
Sania,   Not sure re age, says size 10, I think more 14-16+, Egyptian? Did not see her much, though did a doggie with her and yes she can deep throat too.
Vivian, EE, 34 and great body, great kisses, DFK and deep throat. She was hot.

The hostess (I think she was Bailey) was lovely and there was a guy, looking our stuff which was in boxes. Food and drink was provided. I did not expect this party to be so much fun and I paced myself to do all the ladies. Willy needs oxygen after all those deep throat dives and fucks. Wow. 

I was close to giving it a try but I booked a 3some for Monday instead and couldn't budget for both. It's only a matter of time before I go though :)

Not heard of this party do we have a link?

Offline sirbonkalot

Thanks for the review, i have been meaning to visit the Hot Box for a while and your review has spurred me on to give it a try next month if i can get the time out on the day.
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Offline Steely Dan

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11 girl party next Friday and I'm bloody working :(

But on a good note I'm doing a party in Leeds today with a couple of porn stars  :D

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