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Author Topic: Savannah James - Wishaw  (Read 872 times)

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Saw Savannah last year for a 1 hour submissive incall. At 180 quid this was way over my usual punting prices but it was for me such a specialist meet I was willing to pay for the fantasy.

Comms before the meet were great going through in detail what I wanted to happen and all was accepted and agreed without fuss. Very professional. Meet was arranged for a weekday morning.

On arrival Savannahs place was a little difficult to find but some guidance was given and I got there in the end. On entry Savannah was wearing excalty the outfit requested so things were getting off to a good start. Physically Savannah is a whole lot of woman. She is tall about 5'10" and probably a 12/14 dress size which when you are looking for a submissive is quite something but she took instruction very well and allowed me to do pretty much whatever I liked with her. The only stipulation was that I didn't come in her hair as she'd just had it dyed. Fair enough considering what I had in store. Face slapping, choking, deep oral, hair pulling, forced orgasm hard fucking finishing off with her asking to be choked hard whilst she came. The hour flew by in the company of this absolute professional.

If a sub is your thing, Savannah is a must. She's pricier than some others but has an undercurrent of class about her which is very appealing when you have your way wit her. Very much recommended.

21 review(s) found for Savannah_James linked to in above post (21 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Agreed, she is top class apart from the cost. There was a time a year ago when her rates were lower for a period and I'm waiting for it to happen again! She is not just submissive by the way, but is prepared to switch, if you like that sort of thing.

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i love a sub and she sounds great but i will wait til her prices come down and if they do i will be happy to slap her around a bit.
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Good review Rev.  Savannah is a lovely young woman and very obviously enjoys kink, and for me genuine understanding, enjoyment, and relish are prerequisite in a D/s meet.

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