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Author Topic: Guess who's back?.....  (Read 3329 times)

......Penelope Ferre

For £80 I'll be sure to check her out, has anyone already had a booking with her?

https://www.adultwork.com/1587497 or https://www.adultwork.com/penelope+ferre+x+x+x

Offline taffy

Facking hell!

Is this real life :wackogirl:

Offline Ludwig

I saw this girl a few months back when she was SweetSuzy26:


She is seriously pretty, and very good - OWO &  RO, as well as the usual...I was pretty pissed off when a new girl's photos appeared on her profile

Thanks for finding her new profile  :thumbsup:
...get in sharpish, before another girl is parachuted in :hi:

jeez... she is stunning.  I would normally write this profile off as a fake but if it's true....bloody hell!!

Offline Thor

Holy shit, good find!

I am going off on holiday on 24th, until January, but it's no longer the holiday I'm looking forward to!

Offline AnthG

jeez... she is stunning.  I would normally write this profile off as a fake but if it's true....bloody hell!!
She is a porn star. She was in a Woodman video.

She is definitely real as she made a brilliant reply towards the last topic about her here. Really one of the best posts made in the history of the forum type reply.

Offline Ludwig

Bear in mind what I said in my previous thread...this girl's previous profile got passed to a different girl every few weeks or so...make sure the correct photos are on the profile on day of visit. When I went the venue was a house near Finchley Central, you entered through French windows in back garden straight into one bedroom; the second bedroom is at the rear of the first. Penelope/Suzy was in this second bedroom; her English was fairly poor, but there was a brunette WG who did a little initial translating (I think they are Hungarian). The phone will be answered by a maid or whatever...

Definitely worth a visit, especially for £80 per hour...

anyone been? no reviews as yet - is it her?

Offline dreyas1234

Banning reason: Pimp posing as punter

Offline Festisio

How's that work then, they use her to get some feedback on a new profile then switch to another girl?  Seems like there's a bait and switch risk here.

She is photoshopped massively.  I'd like to see her normally (with her prossie makeup on)

Says on holiday at the moment.

Offline Hetfield

I don't get it. The profile was created 18/5/2012 - so over a year ago - and doesn't have a phone number, no feedback, and last log in was 19/03/2013.

Penelope Ferre is very real, and is a porn actress (as Anth states) and the pics on the profile are indeed Ferre. However, this has all the makings of a bullshit AW profile to me, and there's nothing to say the profile actually belongs to Ferre herself.

Shame, cos I would absolutely have a crack at that for £80! Profile FAQ says she's "minutes from Finchley Central" which is N3...

Offline LL

(sorry but that's all I could think of from your thread title)  :hi:

Offline billlybob

saw her when she was here a good couple of years ago...still super skinny and a great figure. Didn't know who she was then (just some fit hungarian girl) but I'd not really call her a porn star...she's done a film or two and then only a casting type session...

Service was good rather than excellent, and didn't seem to speak word of english...

would return as she was a fittie, and to see if she provides a higher level of service now, and at 80 quid if it IS her, then bargain!

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