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Author Topic: What puts you off most when punting?  (Read 831 times)

Offline stokiemike

I felt compelled to write this after a disappointing punt in the Burslem / Middleport area of Stoke earlier this week.

I have had some great experiences with Rom girls in the city, even though some have been a "bait and switch" type meet. I get a perverse feeling of excitement, and have almost always been really lucky. Until last Tuesday. The girl I booked has had her profile removed from AW since then. A few weeks ago I visited the same house with another lovely Rom girl - she was great, with good English, a hot body, fab tits, ass and legs and a pussy to die for. She was also really thoughtful - and would have given many a WG a lesson in customer service. So I decided to return to the same house and punt another WG there.

Her photos were good, showing a chunky but sexy girl, mid 20's with a firm full figure. When I got there I should have known better. I was greeted (very politely) by a chunky, buxom girl (obviously not the one in the photo) in leggings, hoody and flip flops - not really a turn on for me - unlike the heels, stockings and sexy undies for my previous WG there.

Anyway, desperate for a good shag, I carried on. Naked on the bed, saggy tits in my hands, and lips round my cock, started semi decently. Then the usual bad Rom tendencies started. Texting whilst I played with her body. "No fingers please" when I played with her clit. Then as I started to fuck her (with condom), she asked if I wanted it without. "No thanks" I said. Next "You can come inside, but its extra".

That was it, a perfect cure for a hard on. Not good. Wish I had copied the link before her profile went down. So now, I view all Roms with total suspicion, due to one very poor WG.

Serves me right this time.........

Christ that's really a catch 22. Your in the middle of the act and then boom she drops it on you.

I'd want to run a mile but the little man would have probably taken over but to be honest that's got to be a boner killer.

Feel for you.

A lot of the profiles have sprung up lately of Romanian girls and they all look amazing but my personal experiences (3) have all been rubbish and all with girls who's profiles have since been removed or their names and pictures have changed...

As a piece of advice I'd pick one, stick her on the HL and if she's still on AW 2 months later and not moved cities 5 times I'd try it...

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