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Offline Rock123

So where do I begin  :c
After reading the reviews on here over the past year or so I long wanted to punt with Hannah so when I saw she was in Cambridge this week, I emailed her and yesterday confirmed arrangements over the phone.

At £140 for one hour I was excepting a very good service and boy did Hannah deliver.

Firstly communications were excellent today as I texted her as arranged and she told me to phone her when I was outside which I did. The location was an apartment in a road adjacent to Hills Road but very discreet.

So she opened the door and I was delighted to finally see Hannah in person she is a really beautiful girl. So we sorted out the business and she asked if I wanted a drink and wanted a shower which I said yes too as I was sweating buckets from the heat this afternoon!

She asked if I wanted a massage and this went on for 5 minutes before the oral. I've had great and bad oral in punts before I would definitely put Hannah in my top 2 or 3. I was in heaven for 15 minutes whilst she sucked away! Then she put a condom on and we did it cowboy style, then doggy and missionary. Then another oral session to finish me off.

The long wait to see Hannah after reading such positive reviews on here was well worth the wait. She seems a genuinely nice person too, which is always a positive.

Also has her own website - [[Link hidden, login to view]]

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