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Author Topic: Stunning Thai Beauty VS Aberdeen  (Read 480 times)

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I went to Stunning Thai Beauty on VS Aberdeen.


1st time was well worth £120HR.  Clean, friendly, attractive, decent English, Good flat.
She has got a nice body and the tightest pussy in Aberdeen, must do her Kegels, that was the decider for going back within a fortnight.

2nd time booked an hour at 12 afternoon.  Was held up and got there 10 past 12, greeted with a scowl and acused of being drunk. Just came out a breakfast meeting.  The room had a fishy fanny smell.  She carried that scowl all through the session.  I never even got a fuck she put that much effort into a blow job and oily hand job I blew my load.  Expecting a quick fuck at the end instead of a BJ.  Ended up with a leg massage that felt like time wasting tactics.  Ordered to shower, here was me thinking wash off all the massage oil followed by a fuck then leave, got out the shower and was handed my clothes.  Told she had an appointment at 2pm.  Left the building and checked my clock, 12.52.  40 minutes for a BJ and 2 showers @ £120.  No thanks.

I did ask why she didn't have an AW profile.  Now I'm thinking because she can't get reviews on VS.

That was my experience.

And that's neutral??? What does a girl have to do to get a negative?!?

Offline ickydicky

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Online godwulf7

You're a very forgiving punter indeed to post a neutral after that!

I would suggest going once then not going back.

Her fud was tight as fuck though.

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