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Author Topic: juile- brazillian  (Read 541 times)


Shes a fucking minter !

tall latin looking hugs tits (false) but it was hard to tell shes a well built girl lush ass and sucks like a hoover

would i see her agian too right shes here til next wedneday god Knows why she chose Swansea cos its crap for HAWS!!

Offline newforthisyear

Going to need a bit more than that mate as a review... Sounds more like an advert
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Offline dcpunt


I think this is the girl mentioned.
She didn't make up her mind yet if she is Italian or Brazilian.

"I'm Julie....Sweet and dangerous curve girl from Brazil"

"Nationality:   Italian"

Offline Corus Boy

Italian or Brazilian = Romanian? :D

Can someone translate the OP's post please?

Offline Redevil86

She's tall, she's in Swansea not Cardiff ? She's mint, o p can't talk straight for his excitement and is bussy borrowing money so he can see her again before she vanishe's , it's expected for punters in Swansea to lose the plot when a stunner turns up, think that's what happened there ?

Offline HughJardon

This ones now in Cardiff and judging by verification looks a bit like or is this

Any chance of a more detailed review chippy, she does look a minter, but I/we would love to know more, please share  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Bit odd that a Brazilian can't speak Portuguese!  :P

Offline Redevil86

Ive been Welsh for over 50 years and lived in Cardiff all my life and I can't  speak Welsh !

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