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Author Topic: Sensual Jane AdultWork  (Read 19220 times)

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Offline Jimmyredcab

what is your point witch this all posts about me ?

As you are unlikely to be that busy in the next few weeks maybe you could enrol at an English school.     :rolleyes:

Offline pmason

Jane, I'm not going to get into a big discussion about this,  but if my texts from 3pm weren't acceptable surely a simple " please call "  reply would have been more  appropriate than just ignoring me.
As I said earlier,  I think it was a lucky escape and your rudeness probably did me a favour.

Dear David

my all feedbacks and field reports are genuine .

what is your point witch this all posts about me ?

Dear Jane,
Just read my AW email (marked as 'un-read' on my page) of 27 April,
I'm fed up explaining.
I could re-send the email?

We all are very nice people on this forum as we take time out to explain thick heads..in this case sensual jane....she acts like as if call at 3pm oh no you sent me a text get over with it...no body cares and no body wants to see you..anyways I am ethinic

Offline Persie

i am putting her on her blacklist with that attitude and feedback

Banning reason: Stalking prossies on Facebook and threatening to out them

Jane when are you coming to London? You're so sexy!

I'd happily book you for a few hours without even thinking twice.

Message me if you ever come down south.

One question to Jane. Have you ever worked in London? If yes, what area? I think I might of seen you in the past and had an amazing time with you. (If it's you, who I think I saw)

Offline Peterpack

Sorry for the bump guys , this isn't the porn star sensual jane is it ?

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