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Author Topic: Norwich plan B  (Read 774 times)

Fellow punters I beg of your assistance! I was looking forward to seeing lovelyalice today only to find she has fucked off to Bristol  :cry:. I am now looking for similar ; petite young and offering OWO and CIM.

Have checked out erotic fantasies jenny https://www.adultwork.com/3516551 but not sure, any recommendations chaps?

Thanks in advance.

Does your Plan B stand for BAREBACK.

Read her likes list !!


A Romanian barebacker at that. Avoid, avoid avoid.

 :scare: thanks for the info chaps, I never look at likes lists as too many of the girls tick every box. Think I'll steer clear just in case. Went to bishop bridge massage for a four hands massage anyway, review to follow. Guess this thread is dead, let's let it die...

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