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Author Topic: Dorota - W2 Paddington – Massage  (Read 5078 times)

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Link: http://dorotatopmassagelondon.simplesite.com/422711035
Phone: 07741 903 395
Price: £80 / 60mins or £60 / 30mins

At the risk of starting a riot as per the other thread I’ll kick off my first review.

Alerted to this lady by the review from fl0atab1lity (with thanks  :drinks:) I booked in for 6.40pm on Wednesday (she was very specific on the time). We swapped some messages during the day and that was pushed onto 6.55pm (very specific again) and then when I was in the area moved back to 7.30pm as she was running late and needed a shower (the last client was either late or overran, one of you buggers  :angry:  ).
I really didn’t mind this, the messages and calls were good and I was quite relaxed. I think she’d just been caught on the hop as her phone lit up non-stop this week and she’s amazed at how busy she’s suddenly become, thanks chaps.

[We did have a natter after the massage and she remarked that since she started in January it had been very patchy and a couple of months she’s not really made anything money wise, I intimated that may well be changing.]

So, eventually I’m in the flat, its small and functional as has been reported with a very small shower room, not so good if you are a tad on the large side. Her place is close to Paddington, but also you can walk there in 5 minutes from either Queensway or Lancaster Gate. I was driving, its residents only but you can park after 6.30 on the yellows.

Physically I think she’s lovely. Pretty face, her hair is different to the pictures in that its shorter and slicked back and a cracking body, not gym fit (she says) but very trim.
Was dressed in white “massage coat” and looking very sexy.

Her massage skills are first class, she mixed it up between good strong work and sensual (CC swipes, reach under etc.) as well as light kissing round my neck and ears, grazing her lips over my neck and blowing gently around the ears and bum!
She started on my legs and then worked up, something you tend to find only trained girls do. Too many of the self-taught's these days go straight into a back massage, and for me I much prefer the legs first.

Turnover and off came the coat and she encouraged me to help her remove quite a sexy bra and pantie set.
HR, with gentle touching and stroking encouraged, was really very good.

Time to clean up, gentle stroking and bit of a head massage before another shower. We had a nice chat while I was dressing and she was apologising for running late and for the fact she was tired having worked hard that day. In my opinion if that’s the service she delivers when tired, I’m going to be double happy to get her fully refreshed.

In summary then; a cute girl offering, for me, a perfect service. I’ve seen quite a lot of sensual massage girls these last few years preferring them to punting and she definitely ranks high on the list.
For 80 notes great value in my book.

Next time I’m back in the UK I’m going to book her again, and without wishing to be too fluffy, if she continues to offer this level of quality I’m going to be a regular.

A word of note, she’s got to go back to Poland any day now for about a fortnight so may well be off the radar for a bit.

Offline dembo200

It does make you wonder,why some girls don't realise how much a good service can be worth.your getting fucked whatever happens,even if you dont enjoy it pretend you do,as it's clearly obvious a good review on here is literally worth thousands and thousands. ;)

Offline bigone

Price 100 pounds now for the hour  :(

Offline kaj314

Price 100 pounds now for the hour  :(

Yeah, 100 a bit too much for the service

Offline bestbefore

Yeah, 100 a bit too much for the service
Absolutely too much. Good fb on this forum caused her to raise her prices, so lets all stay clear of her until she comes to her senses and drops her price back down again.

She mentioned it may be coming, although I didn't expect it to be so quick  :unknown:

Looking round she still sits, with the slightly extended services, in a price banding for zone1 and 2 with many others. I'm comfortable at £100, but I fully understand those here that might not be.

Its the law of supply and demand, so lets see if the rules swing back in our favour. Time will tell.

Offline Delengar


Has the mobile number above being changed ?


Offline Expl1cit

Has the mobile number above being changed ?

Dorota disappeared off the scene completely a few months back and never resurfaced  :unknown: 

I saw her several times with each session getting more erotic, I had another booking scheduled with her which is when she just went off the radar, which was very strange.  No new profile or number out there, hope she is ok whatever she is up to.  One of the best for me and she kept the same base rate of 80 for all regulars, despite the price hike to 100.
Banning reason: White-knight

I wouldn't mind having another encounter with dorota

Offline Expl1cit

I wouldn't mind having another encounter with dorota

I would suspect there is a pretty long list queueing up to have another encouter with Dorota.  She got extremely busy after my TOFTT review, so something serious must have happened for her to hang up her boots at such short notice and not cash in on the UKP exposure she received.  If she doesn't come back, then at least I hope she is safe and healthy wherever she may be  :hi:
Banning reason: White-knight

When I last saw her before the summer she mentioned she had to go home for a while as her mum had been sick. That might explain the absence, as I know she was studying as well and had plans to do another year.

You may wish to check this out (and then click on the "see all ads" link).


Its been suggested this may be her. The mobile when added in Whatsap shows a nice picture, but I'm not sure.....


Offline Expl1cit

Its been suggested this may be her. The mobile when added in Whatsap shows a nice picture, but I'm not sure.....

Its not Dorota, but an interesting find nevertheless.  Dee looks quite nice facially but its almost guaranteed to be a professional massage if her other ads are anything to go by.  I'm sure she would be truly shocked to find herself being discussed on a punting forum. 

I have very little interest in massages these days, even though I had a pretty awesome one today, but Dorota is definetely one I would see again.  On our last visit she asked if I minded if she kept her underwear on.  I reluctantly agreed thinking she it was probably that time of the month but I soon discovered she had on a pair of crotchless knickers on and was just teasing me.  Fucking awesome!
Banning reason: White-knight

I used to see a girl from Poland, Dorota in Elixir Health Club when they used to do naturist massage. She left that place and heard she was doing her on own private massage but never got her contact details. She was a very pretty girl.

Does anyone have any idea if this is the same Dorota who worked in Elixir ?

I think it was.
She mentioned to me when I went she'd worked somewhere before, a salon she said.
Plus she was "too good" to have just rolled off the boat.........

Its a shame, whilst I dabble infrequently I'm back in London next month and had her on my hit list  :cry:

Offline Jonestown

Dorota was a member of the old Bounds Green polish massage ensemble, way back when.

Dee's room looks nicely set up, but the location is the once notorious White City Estate, don't know if they have cleaned it up now, but I think I would still be hesitant to venture in.

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