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Author Topic: Unit 8 Party , Sheffield  (Read 3913 times)

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Offline Johndy

Let me start by saying, I am relatively new to reviews and will improve as I go along so don't expect a literary masterpiece, and I don't know how to get links via a tablet.


New unit, ideal for purpose. Inside, large lounge area, with deep pile, new carpets, new pool table , pole dancing area, leather suites, tv on wall. Adjacent, three themed rooms , some with power shower, all immaculate. Wet area, with Sauna and lockers,oh, one of the rooms has a jacuzzi, ideal for two but we had four in at one stage

Set the scene, very impressed, really smart.


Three hours , seven till ten. Eight blokes I recall

Arrived just before seven, paperwork, offered drink, from decent range and shown round by helpful staff. Took a locker, inside, new branded robe and again ultra clean large towel.

A little after seven, the three friendly girls, introduced to us, what made the event, was they were all really friendly and chatty, aged twenties to late twenties,I would say ish.

The pole dancer arrived, and I could write a review just on her. She knew exactly how to make that pole talk, say early thirties, but legs of steel. During the night she performed on the pole, and a lucky few of us, managed to obtain a private dance, the likes of which I have never had before, talk about sensual ! She did not use her hands but every other part of her body. Again the rest of the time, she spent in the lounge chatting. Well most !

Fun with girls was well all over the place, some in the rooms, separate, open door in the rooms, group in the rooms, but also chilling sessions in the lounge turning into much more.
Yes the girls had a short break, but were soon back.loads of action


This was three hours, three girls plus pole dancer and I think eight fellas, who were spoilt rotten.
The girls were not pushy, but kept making sure you were being looked after.
The great thing was, you could use the facilities, play or even just chat to the girls, no pressure, just fun

The owner told me, this the third, the first though that was , straight and that he had another girl on standby if more than ten blokes had turned up.

I am trying to be factual, but cannot help gushing some what, it was just so good and deserves to be a success. Next one is in a month and I can't wait, even though a trek for me from Manchester.

Thanks for the review, very curious about this kind of stuff. still think I'm a bit way off attending one yet  :blush:

Glad this party worked out well.  :wacko:

 Are you a regular or new to those kinds of events elsewhere yourself. What was the door fee?

Great descriptions of the setting, sounds very appealing although some extra details on the look of the girls and some of the specific action you indulged in would be warmly received   :drinks:

I wondered whether a pole dance might be a bit redundant at this kind of gig but by sound of it she was a great attraction and really added to the evening.

Also with all that action did you pop a viagra or such like?   :wacko:

I also post on tablet and usually copy and paste a link in.

have some issues amending reviews so mine are often quite typo ridden with some words replaced leaving some phrases a bit incomprehensible!

Offline stevedave

Sounds decent, what was the cost? I'm presuming it was a flat fee, then you just join in with the girl/girls that take your fancy?

What services were on offer?

Offline Johndy

Thanks for the feedback chaps, appreciated.

Cost was £100, which I thought was very reasonable.

More or less b to z on offer,
The girls, well I am no expert, the first two are on the site, Isabelle, petite, dark hair, quietest of the three, but so friendly, and, would like to see in a one to one. The second ,also on site, but name escapes, well tanned, tall, busty. The third, a girl who does not work there, say late twenties , size 12 , and say five foot seven  ish an absolute bundle of fun, very chatty and got people going so as to speak.

I might just have to give this a try. Thanks for the feedback as I was unaware of this place :thumbsup:


Offline Allnewman

So which of them did you fuck

I'm booked in for tomorrow's party. Never been before but hopefully it'll be good and it's my 3rd party in a week  :)

Offline Tricks

you're a fucking maniac CJ where do you get the energy from :dance:

Looking forward to the review :hi:

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