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Author Topic: Anyone have any experience with this one (Reading)  (Read 1148 times)

Offline agent47

she has good feedback but not much in the way of pictures, but the one in the blog tap she has a nice big arse that i wouldn't mind bashing about.

www.adultwork.com/2918598 or https://www.adultwork.com/XTeenLaurenX

2 review(s) found for TeenLaurenXXX linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

She's on the blacklist but I have to say I've been tempted, although I'm not sure if she's a bit too chunky.

Offline agent47

Thanks for the heads up  :thumbsup: I sometime like going away on a big arse but i think i'll give this one a miss, i made that mistake when i saw [Partygirl1234] another one who is way bigger then the pictures suggest.

Nothing wrong with a big arse now and then. But needs to be on the right girl with a decent body. I've not seen this one so don't know for sure but there's something putting me off. And that, coupled with the blacklist for passing on a punter's phone number, makes me think there's other fish to fry.

Offline Cunning Punt

Anal's not on her likes list.

£180ph is an awful lot to pay, but good luck and, if you go ahead, please report back.

Offline berksboy

one crap pic and no way a size 12 , at £180 ph she is having big  :D

Offline agent47

Anal's not really my thing i just mean an arse built for doggy. Being that it sounds like she's alot bigger then she appears plus the price it now sounds like a to costly risk.

Offline zulu-lance

I had written a review on my rendezvous with https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2918598 but even after 48 hours the review has not been published...not sure why exactly. So I am going to leave my FR here.

Fancied some teen action, so took the gamble (a rather large one) especially with no facial pics to base my decision on but most times I think from down below when it comes to punting  :P

Price – 3 hour out-call for £400 at a Central Reading hotel.

Comms – Faultless. Emailed Holly in the morning to book, everything was arranged within a few emails, followed by prompt texts and calls.

Physically – Facially attractive, 19-20 year old kind of fuck me uni type girl. However, she is definitely not a size 12, more size 16 I would say. Height about right as in her profile. I normally prefer slim, lithe girls but she is cute in a sweet, innocent way and that was a massive turn-on for me. No piercings or tats which was nice for a change, clean shaven pussy.

Personality – Friendly, articulate and quite knowledgeable.

Services Provided – DFK (lots of tongue),  OWO, DT, RO, and Penetration (Protected). Massage was offered which I accepted.

My experience -  Holly asked whether I would like the schoolgirl outfit which I said yes to. Lots of DFK and tongue action on the couch. Moved to the bedroom next, plenty of OWO, wet and sloppy with eye contact which I absolutely love. Followed it with some reverse on her which she seemed to enjoy. Then on with the rubber and finished inside her for round 1. Offered a massage which I accepted, nothing to write home about but nice to have a break and chat about things. She is an intelligent, knowledgeable girl, talked about so many topics in a genuinely engaging manner which was again a welcome change compared to other girls of her age.

On to round 2, more OWO, on with the rubber and this time was even better, as she was aroused I think, grabbing and thrashing around. Felt great to come inside her tight pussy. More chat followed and then it was almost time for her to leave.

Note - She goes around with a driver for outcalls whom she keeps messaging every now and then as she says she has had some bad experiences in the past. Did not bother me one bit as she was never distracted during the action.

Summary - Her enthusiasm and attitude could not be faulted and I had her attention at most times. Would I see her again? If she dropped a few stones, definitely, just for her innocent looks and attitude.

Recommended if you are into plus size teen girls :D

2 review(s) found for TeenLaurenXXX linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

That is a big gamble, taking 3 hours for £400 with someone you don't know and hasn't got a good rep here. And you call her Holly - thought it was Lauren?

Anyway, can you do the review separately, in the review section please?

Offline zulu-lance

Yes, it was a huge gamble but I wanted to see a teen girl for an outcall, my first choice having bailed. Her actual name is Holly, well, that's what she told me anyway. As mentioned, my review has not been published for whatever reason, so posted it on here, could try again.

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