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Author Topic: Best ever HE  (Read 741 times)

Offline dembo200


  Massage was great very relaxing,and quite sensual.But the HE really was amazing,was trying my best to hold out and prolong it,but caved in the end.she was clothed the whole time,I didn't really like to be disrespectful and push my luck.some may thing £80 for a fully clothed HE is pricey.But can honestly say was probably the best HE i ever had,her technique was amazing.photos may be few years ago but its a decent likeness.

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Offline bigone

Her profile  says nuDE extra  20
Am I being  thick  what is shaving?

Offline dembo200

yeah tbh,it was a bit last minute.found her on phone and called.her tone was very this is whats on offer basically massage and HE.Which was fine for me as thats all i was really in mood for.and when i got there,she was quite dominant,which was pretty sexy tbh didn't fancy pushing her,and actually hadn't seen the £20 extra.I'd say as an all round experience dora is better,but just on HE technique she was awesome.

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