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Author Topic: Sonya - Swansea (vivastreet)  (Read 1158 times)

Offline purefilth

She has a nice ass, I'm tempted to give her a visit, cherrs
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I'm sure she's the one who's loud as hell and cums like a train with a really tight pussy


Thought I would Toftt today for the first time ! I sent a text and got a reply, arranged a time, got address etc. £50 for half hour. Comms OK and texts clear etc

Anyway, I arrived but decided not to stay. She answered the door ( terraced house on Neath Road just outside Swansea not far from liberty stadium).

Stood in the hallway trying to work out if it is the same lady as in the pictures, could not be 100% sure to be honest. It might be her. The lady in the hallway was rather chubby wearing a very unflattering tatty leggings / tracksuit set. Had a bit of a belly on her. She didn't seem in the best of moods.

As awkward as it is, I said that I didn't want to stay, she looked a bit annoyed and I got a feeling that there was going to be a big conversation about it all, so I basically said my polite goodbyes and off I went back out the door.

Sounds a bit mean, but had a bad feeling within 10 seconds of arriving.

On second thoughts, I don't think it's her in the pictures.

As a Plan B I called into Top Class parlour by Swansea Train Station. Bloody hell this place has gone run down. Also the 4 ladies working were not even remotely attractive, so I jumped ship there as well !

Went home and sat in the garden !

 sorry gents, no proper review of Sonia from me.



She was wearing a tracksuit set??? - she's from fucking Swansea ffs. She'd probably just come from a wedding  :lol:

Probably best to do put in a FR in the reviews section, either because she is B&S or because you found her dog rough  :hi:
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R M 98, you have no review to your name, this is your chance to log your 1st review , reason being , your post has important information for anyone wanting to see this girl, your post will be lost amoughst this thread , but a review will be prominent on the review board and a good heads up to anyone thinking of seeing her . go for it .

Offline purefilth

Well lads I'm taking one for the team

Will report back in due course
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