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Author Topic: xxmissblondie90xx - Norwich w/c 23rd May 2016  (Read 802 times)

4 review(s) for xxmissblondie90xx (1 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Here goes with my first review...

xxmissblondie90xx    https://www.adultwork.com/3383161  https://www.adultwork.com/xxmissblondie90xx

I decided to sample the advertised delights of Miss Blondie as she had been on my “to do” list for a while. She doesn’t put her number or her "available today" flag on AW, so I enquired by the site’s email and got a reply within 30 minutes. After quite a lengthy exchange discussing date/time/length of meeting and the possibility of some of her “at discretion” items I booked a 1 hour incall for £100 for the same evening.


I was quite surprised at the promptness of the initial response although there was a lengthy delay during the exchange, (probably dealing with another punter?). Once everything had been agreed and I had made the booking through AW, Natasha sent me a text with postcode within a few minutes. A quick call on arrival and she gave me the final directions.


Just off Hall Road at the ring road end, and with on street parking, it’s an easy enough place to find and get to. Her house is OK, clean but with a “lived in” untidiness about it. Imagine, if you will, every conceivable shade of pink. When I am led through to the bedroom everywhere you look, there are pink things. Slightly off-putting, especially if pink is not your favourite colour.


I had put Natasha on my “to do” list for several key reasons – long legs, small boobs, slim, will (or might) do anal. The first two I mentally ticked off as soon as she opened the door. Legs, longer than I expected, and a pair of tiny little tits showing under her top. Two down, two to go. The top came off to display the little ones and then a slight, but only slight disappointment, there was a tiny bit of a tummy, nothing too off-putting, so in my mind I gave “slim” just half a tick. So two and a half out of three. Once I had got my kit off, she agreed that my request for anal would be OK.  So three and a half out of four.

Natasha was wearing tight jeans and a loose low cut top with no bra, as I had requested. She is quite pretty, and giggly and her front teeth protrude a little. On AW her age is given as 26, and I would say that is probably correct. During the initial pleasantries, I couldn't decide whether it was shyness or nervousness, possibly it was a little of both for the first few minutes, but she grew much more relaxed and confident once we got started.

The Event.

Natasha got to work on me with some good OWO, and we progressed through RO and 69 before slipping a raincoat on the old chap and having a good workout in several positions, whilst playing with those little tits at every opportunity. When we moved onto anal, I didn't expect her to lift her long legs up to her ears with such ease and present her arse to me like that. For me, that’s a real turn on, so I slid the old chap in and away I went. We had agreed a CIM and swallow beforehand, so I pulled out after giving her arse a good pounding, discarded the raincoat and Natasha was good to her word.
Although I was pretty shattered by this time, and there were only 5 or so more minutes to go, Natasha got to work with some more oral and continued until I pumped another load down her throat.


Overall, a couple of very minor minus points, but lots more pluses together with a few minutes of "extra time" which for me, made it £100 well spent. I would definitely see her again, as I got the impression that she isn't fully relaxed on a first meet, at least not at the start of it.

4 review(s) found for xxmissblondie90xx linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

That is absolutely my experience to a tee.

Just a shame I was in a bad mood.

Some you win........................and then there are others.


Yes, I agree SN. but I suppose I was in a good mood and I do like to get things sorted out before I make a booking.
I've had a few where that wasn't the case and just went in with unconfirmed expectations only to regret it later.

Offline SaneOnes

That was a very good review. Cheers!

I'm not sure what about her keeps putting me off of arranging a meet with her as I've been following her profile long enough.

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