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Author Topic: Sweet_Ginger -----NOT!  (Read 890 times)

14 review(s) for sexy_ginger_ (10 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Lister

https://www.adultwork.com/3088906 or https://www.adultwork.com/sweet%5Fginger%5F

Julie looks quite hot on her AW page so I planned a short diversion to see her in Gloucester. Comms were initially good - I rang the day before and she answered almost straight away and agreed to the meet. I said I would confirm by text the following day and she was fine with this and texted me the road name. I replied asking for the postcode and she sent this quite promptly.

So I set off in eager anticipation of a gorgeous redhead and arrive ten minutes ahead of the appointed time.

First disappointment - her AW page states FREE PARKING quite prominently. Well actually there is metered parking everywhere and a couple of car parks up the road but you definitely won't find free parking!  :thumbsdown:

I rang to say I had arrived but no answer and it eventually went to voicemail so I left a message and asked her to ring back. Waited five minutes and tried again. Again no response. Tried twice more at five minute intervals to no avail. By this time it was 15 minutes after the appointed time and I was about to walk. I texted her that I have been waiting twenty minutes and was about to leave and she texted back that she was waiting for me????  :dash:

Still no address so I texted and asked for the address which she sent straight away.  I went round and rang the bell - no reply. Just about to leave when I heard someone approaching from the street and Julie turned up with her friend, a blonde. Both were dressed in jeans and t-shirts with little makeup and neither were particularly attractive. Julie apologised for being late and said they had been at the shops - so she certainly wasn't waiting for me! Neither was she a redhead - she is a brunette and nothing like her profile pictures which are obviously not her. She is bigger for a start - around 5' 10" and size 12 I would guess. Quite a plain face (5-6/10)

Should have walked at this point but didn't have a plan B and decided to give it a go. Followed her up the stairs into a small 2 room flat with a bed in the first room. Blonde friend went into the small adjacent box room and I had a quick shower and joined Julie who had changed into a short nightie.  Got the paperwork out the way and she gave it to her friend and then proceeded to snog my face off. Certainly very vigorous FK which progressed to OWO and then onto the bed and cover on for cowgirl - again very active and resulted in first pop.

No real conversation - her English appears to be quite poor - and started on round two almost immediately. I needed time to recuperate so went down for a bit of RO. Not too fresh down there, another black mark - but Ok with fingers. She got quite wet and made the right noises, appearing to cum quite convincingly.

Round two was again very vigorous - cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, mish with legs over shoulders, doggy and finished with more OWO and finally HR (she doesn't offer CIM).  Certainly worked up a sweat and worked hard with plenty of kissing, but no conversation and the whole punt was quite impersonal. The French kissing was rather too vigorous as I noticed when I got back to my car and found she had bruised my lower lip!

All this time her blonde friend was just the other side the door - a little off putting and might worry some folk. More annoying was that she was smoking and coughing throughout and when I was getting dressed she opened the door and the room was filled with smoke so my clothes stank too. Made it a bit awkward explaining to OH why I had a bruised lip and my clothes stank of cigarettes! :scare:

Very active
Happy with multiple positions and fingers


Poor timekeeping and disregard for appointment time
Poor comms on day
Not the girl on the profile
Not particularly good looking
Not good English
Poor hygiene
Left a mark on my lip
Smoker - and friend smoking throughout punt
Friend coughing throughout punt and just behind door
Slightly dodgy neighbourhood

Would I see her again - No!

14 review(s) found for sexy_ginger_ linked to in above post (10 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline Roth

Sorry you had a crap time. :(  Any chance for future reviews you could put the prossie's location in the subject line. Cheers.  :drinks:

Offline Lister

No problem - but a lot of WG's move around so the AW link is probably more useful

Sweet Ginger is currently in Gloucester, but also works in Slough, Swindon and is thinking of moving somewhere on the outskirts of London.

Offline cain

she has been listed as bait and switch on here on an occasion, do you think this was the case? anyway thanks for the review I was considering going to see her but will give it a miss after this.

Offline Roth

No problem - but a lot of WG's move around so the AW link is probably more useful

Sweet Ginger is currently in Gloucester, but also works in Slough, Swindon and is thinking of moving somewhere on the outskirts of London.

Cheers  :drinks:

I saw her in slough, sounds like it is her , with different colour hair, tall and plain looking, service was good but seems very over rated

Sorry to hear about a shit punt

Assume it was the one with the door at the back and up the stairs from the prices.

Only ever consider that lot for a late night fuck and go but haven't been since my meggie review !

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