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    alice seen her once defently wont go back maybe my expectations were to high of her. apartment block is horrible you walk in like its the council tip then up some dingy staris wondering if the next corner the last corner you ever turn. she ok look slim about 40 id say. dressed as requested, her kissing was ok nothing special terrible terrible oral sex was not great shes very loose. so I finished with hand job over her stomach. during the meet she was in and out of the room, not enaging in much conversation even though her English is ok. at £80 ph shed get an ok  but at £100  a big thumbs down.
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    I had tried to meet her after glowing reports here.  After long winded directions, when I eventually walked up near the address and phoned again for flat number , I got no response. Then radio silence. Then a text saying I was late so maybe another time.  Well I had been early.    She came off my hl.

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