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Author Topic: sexymeganxx26-Birmingham  (Read 1255 times)

17 review(s) for SexyMeganxxx26 (14 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline sanj07

Profile Link: https://www.adultwork.com/3482434 or https://www.adultwork.com/SexyMeganxx26

Location:Inge St birmingham- B5 4TE

Duration: 30mins-£60

Entrance: Between William Hill bookie and Saint Saloon

Parking: Hurst St parking bays- £1.30/hr-busy st restaurants/bars.

Bathroom: clean with usual toiletries hand wash was diluted though which is a pet hate.

Had my eye on Megan for a whilst but hesitated to meet until few positive reviews which came:

Comms: very good arranged by text met within one hour

Had a blip with the intercom took about 5mins to get in dont know hat went wrong numerals worn out on pad but that was not the reason for me not getting in promptly.

Greeted at the door by a pretty tall girl in black dress who offered a shower I told her I was fresh and she said ok but i  needed the bathroom to urinate she directed me and gave me a towel after requesting to wash afterwards in the basin. No public toilets in the area I did try for 10mins.
Met her in bedroom where we kissed light french kissing no DFK it was sensual I undressed her slowly she had a nice slim body then she stroked my cock and gave me oral on edge of bed no eye contact I could not see her face either has her hair flipped over! then I asked for RO and she asked me to lie down I asked her to remove her stockings which were linty. She started giving oral but this is where it went wrong as she positioned herself so that I could not lick her pussy for 5 mins I was sucking the stubble above her clit and the Oral had slowed too I started to loose my erection as i was pissed off as to why she was not allowing me to give her oral. After she realized she had undone the good work she did she asked me to stand up so that she could give me a blow job which I did and good it was with plenty of sucking and ball licking I think she struggles to deliver oral in 69 position. I was hard again and then she put condom on and asked me what position I said on top.
Then the 2nd disappointment came I entered her and could not feel a thing she was very loose not tight at all i concentrated on her pretty face and got into a rhythm she hesitated to kiss whilst having sex therefore in my opinion the initial DFK was a ice breaker and not available throughout booking she said lets go doggy I refused as I was in a good rhythm and did not want to break it as she was not tight, just wanted to cum and get out of there. I cum and cleaned up we chatted the usual basics where you from what you do. Left on the dot 30mins.

She is a nice friendly girl maybe we did not click or she was having a bad day but GFE was below par and as she did not let me give her oral which annoyed me alot and the fact that she was very loose for me is a neutral rating.

Would I return: No as a lot better out there I can only speak for myself RO which is a basic was withheld and I found her too loose and very flat and inflexible in the missionary position

17 review(s) found for SexyMeganxxx26 linked to in above post (14 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Andy61

Sorry to hear you didnt have a good time Sanj and yoru view and opinion is of course yours but its at odds with my experiences of Megan whom I saw o Monday afternoon. I will post a report so as not to fill your thread with a contrary experience.

I do think though that if you dont shower then after you use the loo is right and proper to wash your bits?
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Offline sanj07

Lol is that a question ? If it is then yes sir I agree with you! I would have done it anyway in my review s described what happened not that I disagreed

Offline azrael

Shame you had a bad time op, the one thing i have picked up on is that she doesnt like 69ing. That maybe down to it putting her off her game, ie she orgasms real quick hence not being able to concentrate on sucking cock.
Im glad you took the time to post this, some people like kissing, some like to be dominated and some like your self like ro, hence the neatural it is your review after all.  :hi:

I agree with the neutral comments. I saw her Monday and found her very lack lustre , would I return ....NO !!

Offline bod666

I just got back from seeing Megan in Cheltenham while she was on tour - and have to say it was one my best ever punts.  Lots of kissing, good sex, she got two pops out of me either side of a massage, nice chat as well.  And I had a nice munch on her pussy in 69.  Though I agree it did distract her from what she was doing to lil bod.

I thought she was a really nice, hot girl, I'd go back... and may well do.

I guess it's a case of catching her in the right mood / right time of day?

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