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Author Topic: Sexy Yaya in Swansea  (Read 1036 times)

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Offline wonky

I was in the area with a civvie gf who had to cut things short ( :angry: ) so i was stuck with a hotel room and fuck all to do yesterday.

Couldnt be arsed with any outcalls or spending too much so asian seemed a good bet. Nothing on this girl here so quick review..

Based in a new development near a stadium, i txted her and she was free. usual txt/phonecall directions.. Yaya speaks decent english compared to anyone else in swansea......

looks wise she was ok. i'd say chinese not thai. modest shoulders (compared to the girl who used to punt in Rhydfelin who had broader shoulders than me) so tits were firm but good handful and big nipps.

massage was good 8/10

oral with was ok but she tried well to deep throat  6/10

only two positions but she was tight so... good good.. not the best at riding but in mish she took it well  :)

If i was in swansea i'd go again due to the lack of knowing any better. but if in Cardiff i'd stick to my usual. but she's got to have a positive because tried and had good english.

didnt ask her too many questions but she's away for two weeks and then back. she says it's her friends flat. so i'm assuming she's permanent


Offline wonky

oops. forgot link and just noticed someone asking for info.


1 review(s) found for SEXY YAYA  linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline HughJardon

Glad you had fun wonky, if she were closer to home I would definitely have a go at this lass.

Its also good to see positive exeriences coming from Swansea appreciate the review  :drinks:

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