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Author Topic: Pamela.Brazil Hounslow- it's very hot and wet in Brazil  (Read 2063 times)

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Link: https://www.adultwork.com/3559535

Post jet lag, sex lag, mid week work lag catch up with UKP lag all adds up to a need for fun. Saw this SP profile and I must say that I didn't get beyond the magnificent DD tits on display in the profile.

Expectation:  good VFM P&D at worst, some of these suburban Brazilians have surprised me in the past and I usually wish I had stayed longer, this was no exception.

Comms: handled thro a maid. Prompt by phone and mainly txt booked with 1hr notice. Fee £60 30 min/ £120 PH I booked for 30 mins.

Venue: non descript estate (private) north of Robert Hotel (.7m) in Hounslow (?) Parking on street and in parking area. No obvious signs of clampers and pretty discrete. House in corner of CPk, blind flutter to see what flavour I was as I approached house. Prompt answer so I didn't hang about (or even knock the door!).

The Girl: wow!! I like real women, sexy black bra/knickers/suspender set with magnificent DD tits bursting to get out. Nice smile, attractive size 10 girl, 5,3" long dark hair, signs of age/babies on tummy but no stretch marks (I think,!? couldn't take my eyes of those tits) good overall body, age I would say 35-40 (not 26). Not a word of English so she showed me txt on phone to explain extras.

Services: FK/DFK, RO, OW, Protected SEX, OWO £10 NT, CIM £10 NT, Anal £20 NT

The meet: walked upstairs met SP shower paperwork done & extras declined instructed her to strip. Sexy routine FK rub and tug onto the bed where I went straight down to pussy (with pubic tuft on pubic bone larger than racing stripe)  tasted good. This girl has a large erect clit so gave it a tongue bash and finger combo for about five mins (eye on clock as I only have 30 mins) and I move up to give those magnificent puppies some attention as she is rubbing her clit. Move into a better position alongside her and proceed with DFK, tit/nipple massage and insert finger combo whilst she is still rubbing and she pops. On with mac for OW and I must say this was a disappointment, a bit frantic and toothy but bod mhor was in no mood to stray from his purpose so into mish and pump. The girl isn't tight but was very very wet so all felt ok but halted activity. Attention to male mums and went for doggy. Nice and wet with screams from the SP as she pops again (wtf!) back to mish rode hard for another 5 mins or so and finish with hand job (should have gone for the HR). Shame really as I was very close but combo of tiredness and last punt less than 10 hrs previous took its toll. Girl says she pops 3 times in 30 mins and is very happy (Portuguese sign language) I think that I should be the one charging money! All through the meet the SP was passionate with great attitude I think she is a real sex fiend if you get her going and she enjoyed herself as well as pleasing me (most important point)

Conclusion: 30 mins for me was too short, SP is very sexy and delivered what I wanted. Will visit again and will go for anal cos pussy on its own won't do it unless I abstain for a month. (unlikely). Good VFM for me and I suspect all you TIT lovers out there.

1 review(s) found for Pamela.Brazil linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Cheers mate! These Brazilians can be a hit and a miss some times!

Online dubhcarr

Cheers mate! These Brazilians can be a hit and a miss some times!

+1 but all great looking with great carriages!!

Online dubhcarr

real tits large areola and nips and she likes them paid attention to!  :D

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