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Author Topic: Dr China, Lichfield. Soo  (Read 1360 times)

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Monthly treat time for me.  ;)

Returned to Dr China in Lichfield, as when I rang there was a new name to me.

Name of Soo (sue??). Maybe Tsu, who knows.

Little Chinese woman. Fairly pretty 6/10. Small tits.

Giggles a lot too. Not the best English. 2/10

Only booked 30 minutes at £25 as horse had let me down earlier  :angry:

Plus, as I entered the shop, I saw Soo, and decided she was not pretty enough for the full hour at £40


Upstairs for the treat.
Reasonable massage. Not great, not bad. 6/10

A few tickles of the old sack, and the occasional reach under.
Plus she would press her crotch against my head as she rubbed from the neck down.
So I knew I was on for something..... :)

After about 20 minutes, she asked me to turn over, and immediately enquired if I wanted "happy ending".

Ok it was why I was there, but I do prefer a bit of a massage on my front, especially the tops of my thighs.
I kind of like seeing if my old man shows a bit of interest during the front massage. (ive always wondered if the girl was genuine, would she be surprised).

Yes please I said, and she asked if I wanted clothes off?

She wanted £40 to strip off completely, but I said no, just the top off.

We agreed on £30 topless.

Small tits, and although she let me handle them, she was reluctant to rub her nipples over my cock.  :(

Hand technique was fair to middling 7/10

Plenty of ball massage and twists of the shaft.
Bent over on a couple of occasions and pecked my face and cheek. Not very romantic, especially as she giggled a bit as she "kissed" me.

Didn't take long to spill the goodies, as I was making an effort on my part.
I was trying to plan it so it landed on her tits.

By my standards a 5 or 6 out of 10.
I probably wont go to see her again next month. I'll hope for a new girl again.
Bring back Tina IMO

No web site as such.
Just Google Dr China, Lichfield

Offline Benson50

I recognise everything you say but I really liked her. She has beautiful cheekbones and I found her very accommodating, maybe because she can't communicate.
Banning reason: White-knight

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